Game #61: Washington Wizards 87 – Chicago Bulls 84

Drink: Eagle Rare Bourbon

The Bulls dominating the lane (or: Crawford has cooties).

The field goal percentages told the story tonight. Bulls: 38.1% Wiz: 38.2% The Wiz were about .1% better than the DengRoseless Bulls. And that put them over the edge by one point (I think Noah’s pointless put-back beat the buzzer, hence them losing by one point). The field goal percentages also give you a sense of how pretty this one was to the eye. The Bulls added 17 turnovers, to make sure said eye was bleeding. To boot, they made sure to blow an 11-point second half lead, just in case you were finding anything pleasing in this contest. To be positive, Operation: Bleeding Eyes was a rousing success!

Don’t Walk Rip Hamilton had a large game. The wily vet played 34 minutes (and did not fall apart!), putting down 22 points (9-20 FG) with five assists and rebounds (and four turnovers). … Joakim Noah had his hair pulled down in the back. I much prefer the bun on top. … The recently red-hot Kyle Korver was kold tonight, going 0-4 from the field on all threes. On the plus side, he did have a wondeful alley-oop pass to Jimmy Butler. It was a wonderfully odd combination. … John Wall looks like he has aged five years from last season. I suppose playing on the Wiz will do that to you. … It is good to see Rose and Rip getting some playing time to- shit. Maybe next game. … The flick The Wiz was more amusing than tonight’s game. … On top of having an awful name, Eagle Rare Bourbon was an extremely disappointing whiskey for the price.

About Judas Pato

Just another hard working member of the press, covering the Chicago Bulls and nonsense - often both, simultaneously.
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