Game #60: Chicago Bulls 100 – Detroit Pistons 94

Drink: Ugly Duckling Cabernet

Jo hovered in air, then commanded April 15th as non Tax Day, and Dude Be Cool Day... Bro, instead. Yeah. Totally.

This game was straight-up hilarious/stupid. For the second consecutive game, the Bulls hit a three (one in which I yelled, “Don’t f’n shoot it, Rose,” with that very Rose proving me wrong) to send it to overtime. And in today’s overtime period, the Bulls showed up like they failed to do for most of the game.

This game was plain lazy. So much so, that the usual blue-collar ethic that Unit: DJ Train Wreck brings, was the Bulls very weakness. Granted, the +/- stat is not entirely self-sufficient, but it is telling from time to time. Other than one NB fav, Kyle Korver (+18), there was not a single Bull reserve who could boast a plus in this category (a robust 4-15 FG!). Simply put, the Bulls bench blew goats.

While the Bulls brass carried the day, there is one odd story line that is troubling.

Rose + Rip = ? It is a bit puzzling that the entire Bulls roster seems to work seamlessly with Rip… yet, when Rose is paired up with the wily vet, the two are not on the same page. What is even more of a noodle-bender, is that Rip’s style of running through screens is frighteningly similar to Kover’s (who Rose works well with), and is a tactic that should be easy to jive with… but jives not. The Bulls have six more (injury-free, hope, hope) regular season games, (most likely) an easy first round series, and (possibly) a second round snoozer to figure out this madness.

Rip was the supposed “missing puzzle piece” for what ailed the Bulls. So far, he has missed most of the season and has played very few minutes with the Bulls engine, Da Rose. It will be interesting to see how the two “healthy” guards play together for this stretch. I do not know if it is dumb optimism, but I am still holding out hope that this thing is going to work.

Check Mate This was the second annual failed attempt at reviewing a game from a titty bar. For those of you Bulls fans who have never ventured outside of Chicagoland (that always reminds me of a terrible amusement park), WGN has a national and local broadcast. Most Bulls games on WGN are only on their local feed. For whatever reason, I thought today’s contest was a national feed. Hence, I thought it would be a great time to redeem myself from last year’s disaster and review it from a titty bar. Yet, it was not to be, and we ended up at a Buffalo Wild Wings instead. On the plus side, we did probably set a record for the amount of males playing keno in a row (three), while watching a Bulls game. … Being a black hole time of sports, we had the volume for the game, and the Pistons feed was tragically hilarious. They commented how this contest between a #1 Eastern seed lock and a hopeless franchise was a “playoff atmosphere” multiple times, and were super homer over every questionable foul. Good times. … Derrick Rose had a much better groove at times today, looking closer to his MVPself than he did against his shitawful showing versus the Heat. … (Da Rose chucked up four air balls today.) … Remember when the Bulls offered Ben Gordon a contract and he refused it? He certainly did get a better deal from the Pistons. And the Bulls definitely got a better deal by not having Ben on the books. Funny thing too, as I was a huge Ben backer (how could you not be, when he was often the only source of offense), but if he is going to fail, good thing it is on on the Pistons. Poor Ben. Lucky Bulls. … Noah went for 20 & 17 (with 13 offensive rebounds)

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