Game #57: Chicago Bulls 99 – New York Knicks 100

Drink: Americano

This did not end well.

Derrick Rose is back! …and chucking up ill-advised shots for a 30.8% mark from the field. It was great to see the face of the franchise back on the court. It was somewhere south of great to see him try to shoot his way into having a good game and failing. Yes, Rose was much better in the second half, but it sure would have been one hell of a shit show to “beat” his first half display – in which he barely snuck in his lone field goal right before the half ended. Sure, your star should shoot. Yet, the way he forced the issue and refused to move the ball around in overtime was inexcusable.

Some of the blame has to fall on Thibs as well. Thibs often leaves the offense up to Rose. Overall, this tactic works well enough. Today, there should have been something resembling a play here and there. The pinnacle of it all was the isolation play Rose had to end regulation. Isos are mind numbing enough, when you run one with a player coming back from weeks of injury, who is having a poor day, it is plain daffy. I can only image the combined frustration of Boozer, Deng, and Korver in the overtime period – as they saw the ball about as much as I did.

This is all a short term problem, as Rose will surely knock some rust off and become the Derrick of old, but it was definitely an infuriating experience to watch today’s performance.

Poopy Face Carmelo Anthony was the anti-Rose today. Melo hit a three to send the game into OT (after Deng and Rose blanking from the charity stripe [cough, cough]) and then hit a game-winning three in OT. … The Bulls hesitation to go inside was puzzling. Tyson Chandler is a hell of a defensive center, but Melo was playing power forward. Going inside with Boozer and Noah (two very capable passing big men) could have easily turned around Anthony, forcing Tyson to help out and leaving players open. Instead, the Bulls barely sniffed the paint and settled for woeful jumpers. … After describing the Bulls as sometimes playing with “poopy face,” Joakim Noah went out did just that. The Bulls starting center was ineffective enough to earn plenty of bench time and nearly miss the entire fourth quarter. … Derrick Rose came back from weeks off to play 38+ minutes today. Way to ease him back, Thibs. … As bad as Rose was, Deng went 4-16 FG. … The Bulls will see these very same Knicks on Tuesday, back at the UC.

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