Game #55: Houston Rockets 99 – Chicago Bulls 93

Drink: Buffalo Grove Merlot

The Bulls loss tonight is their first back-to-back regular season loss in 86 games. It was a streak or something that I think I just came up with. It was also the second game in a row where the third quarter did them in. The difference between the two contests was that OKC was in control before the second half, while tonight, the Bulls looked like they should cruise – despite some hiccups at the end of first half. Both teams both acted tired – understandably so Sunday games – yet, the Rockets showed their hand first. In the second quarter, Houston gave up their four-point lead from the first and looked gassed. Little did we know at the time that the Bulls would look equally pathetic in the third, dropping the quarter 14-29 and forced to play catch-up (and fail) the rest of the night. Hell, maybe they are still trying to play catch-up. God Bless ’em.

Earl Boykins had the complete game going on tonight, including the dick-grab. Meanwhile, John Lucas III Esquire was really good at getting dick grabbed... and little else.

Judas miss Derrick For the second straight contest, the point guard play left something to be desired. John Lucas III Esquire attempted to close out the game. While I much prefer Watson over Esquire, I can hardly blame Thibs for sticking with Lucas tonight. Watson had another woeful game during a stretch where they sure needed his A-game with Da Rose out. Instead, Watson floundered and – with Mike Jimmy’s untimely axing – that left Esquire as the Bulls only, often, sorry option. Lucas is a great option when he is on (a la the Heat game) and… well, trying when he is dribbling on every plank of the court and creating little. All of this was countered by a solid Goran Dragic and a stupid Earl f’n Boykins – a dude on a ten-day contract, who, before that, had not played since last season. Not having Mike Jimmy on the bench has definitely limited the Bulls the last two games. I am not going to say that Mike Jimmy would have been the savoir, but he would have most likely added a stable presence to a very erratic position for your Chicago Bulls as of late.

Do you love me? Mr. Rip “I’m too old for this shit” Hamilton not only played, but started tonight! (You have to imagine that Brewer loves how Rip can miss as many games as he pleases and be inserted right into the starting line-up – one in which Brewer could not crack over Keith Bogans all of last season.) Rip started as the Bulls only offense and ended 2-7 for six points, three assists, and FIVE turnovers in just under 20 minutes. … Speaking of turnovers, the Bulls had more than double Houston’s mark (19-8), led by Rip, with Watson, Esquire, and Korver each having three of their own. … Luol Deng had another 50+% FG game! Whoopie! … Mike Jimmy is not on the team. Booooo!

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  1. djhatesyou says:

    Buffalo Grove Merlot? Not to be confused with the even more bland, hum-drum and boring ass taste of “Arlington Heights Shiraz”

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