Game #52: Chicago Bulls 98 – Atlanta Hawks 77

Drink: Redemption Rye

And I wept at the beauty of it.

Bob Rathbun, the ATL’s play-by-play announcer, said toward the end of the first quarter that Deng looked as if he re-injured his wrist and motioned to Thibs to come out. Ha, as if! Little did he know this is a bit of a game Lu and Thibs play. It goes like this: Lu hurts his wrist, Thibs sings Everybody Hurts and keeps Lu in there for 35+ minutes. Suck it, wrist! As it turns out, Lu turned in one of his most efficient offensive performances since the first game of March – going full-circle for the month. On March 2nd, against Cleveland, Lu went 9-14 FG (4-4 from the arc). Last night, Lu dropped 8-14 FG (5-8). In between those two 50+% nights was a shit sandwich of sorts, but don’t knock Thibs and his game. The system works!

Windmill Jam of Announcing The ATL Dirty-Dirty’s color analyst, Dominique Wilkins, had some gems last night. I will offer my two favorites. First, every time the Bulls play the Hawks, Nique is amazed by Noah’s shot. It like he was blackout-drunk the last time he watched the Bulls (maybe he was) and he is seeing it for the first time. (It reminds me of the time DJ HatesYou and I were pounding booze, playing the original Castlevania, and DJ HatesYou’s gourd being blown every time I beat Dracula – only to reveal an impossible to beat giant monster.) The second gem was when Taj and Omer came in for Noah and Boozer, and Nique said, “Tell you what, you don’t really lose anything offensively when these two come into the game.” Word.

Platoon Ball The Bulls started out with Noah on Josh Smith (who has had a great season and dropped some big games as of late) and Smith lit him up in the first. Jo was subbed out earlier than normal and rarely went near Smith when he did come back. As a result, the D on Smith improved (cheers, Deng) and he was held to a modest 19 & 7 for the game. … In the second, Korver took a shot to the noggin and bled from his forehead. Next to a bag blowing in the wind, it was the second most beautiful thing I had ever seen. … CJ Watson had another horrid game, going 1-7 from the field. He certainly has had a roller coaster season. It would be nice, in Rose’s absence, if Watson could step up and the Bulls would not have to rely on the John Lucas III Esquire circus. … As I said in Monday night’s review, with the Bulls limited offensive abilities (especially with Rose out), they need them boards. After getting beat on the glass 45-32 Monday, the Bulls came back with 45 to the ATL’s 36. Cheerio! … Jeff Teague still reminds me of the messed up Vietnamese dude in Platoon who gets his head beat in by that bro from Entourage. … The organist at Philips Area played Seven Nation Army. … Entourage blows. … Carlos Boozer dunked in the fourth. I think that qualifies as a form of showboating.

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7 Responses to Game #52: Chicago Bulls 98 – Atlanta Hawks 77

  1. Mac says:

    IT’S BACK!

    By the way, what would have happened in the story if the Bulls signed Gilbert?

  2. Judas Pato says:

    That could not have happened. Maybe in some kind of bizarro world, but not the world we live in. The world we live is full of ugly things, like lacrosse, Oprah, and the news. It is full of beautiful things, like ostriches, crab cakes, and Kyle Korver bleeding. And things that are simple truths, like Derrick Rose’s monotone voice, the Pythagorean Theorem, and Gilbert Arenas signing for the Grizz. God bless the Grizz for keeping the world in order.

  3. Mac says:

    I ask this question on ESPN but it never gets answered, curious on your thoughts.

    Scenario: Bulls down one, one possesion left – can Lucas (assuming RIP is still R.I.P.) be a second guy the bulls can insert to help with the double team on Derrick. I figure he can make wide open shots if the double collapses on Derrick and can also create a shot off the dribble. Thoughts?

  4. Judas Pato says:

    It is an interesting idea. Personally, I like the controversial “play” idea at the end of the game, but the NBA thumbs their collective nose at that radical idea, opting for the isolation. The one problem that instantly sticks out with John Lucas III Esquire being out there for the last play is his size. Measuring in at 4’7″, you have someone who would have a match-up problem against him – which is not a very appealing option in your scenario. However, it is a player you can put on the perimeter who must be respected. The flip side is that you already have Korver for that. Plus, unless the NBA changes their ways (and the Bulls did in early January against the Hawks), most likely it is an iso with Rose, with his only option being a last second kick out to whoever may be open. That person should probably be the player who is shooting better and that currently is Korver.

  5. djhatesyou says:

    Hold on, THERE’S A MONSTER AFTER YOU BEAT DRACULA????????? THIS I HAVE TO SEE, since I’ve not seen it before.

  6. joelseppi says:

    This entry had too little Kaiju and nautical mystery for my taste. But I can clearly hear the Castelvania theme song, so… I rate it 2 James K. Polk’s.

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