Game #34: Atlanta Hawks 79 – Chicago Bulls 90

Drink: NB Manhattan

Derrick Rose is back and better than ever! (Well, he is back at the very least.) Derrick Rose played his first game in almost two weeks and looked fine. He hit 2-4 from beyond the arc, but was below 50% from the field overall (8-18). His six assists were countered by four turnovers (it felt like more). He drove to the hole with confidence and got knocked about. It will be interesting to see how he bounces back from the blows he took. Rose was not available for comment after the game, as he left the locker room before the reporters entered. It is shocking that he did not feel like fielding mundane questions about his back.

Tracy McGrady tries to steal some bun power.

As for the game itself, the Bulls grabbed an early lead in a game that devolved into something less than basketball as the contest progressed. After righting some early wrongs, the Bulls opened up a large lead behind some hot shooting (60% FG in the first). The ATL beat back the 20-plus lead because the Bulls forgot how to shoot. They managed to take that 60% FG and ended with 38%. Luckily, the ATL was not much more effective at putting the biscuit in the basket. There was a stretch where both teams combined for something like 43 consecutive misses. It became comical. Yet, the fetid Bulls’ offense was enough, as the D showed up and largely closed down the lane. There is some saying about defense and winning games, but I cannot recall it at this time.

Dirty, Dirty Ball: The ball movement in this game was sub-par by your Chicago Bulls, once again. As bad as the shooting was (and it was very laughable in the later quarters), the passing was certainly lacking. At times, they seem to get complacent on offense and move the ball slowly. Then you witness a burst of creativity that leaves you scratching you noggin. … Mr. Omer Asik played all of 28 seconds in this game. There are questions as to whether it had to do with match-ups or Thibs shying away from the Turk – as has been the case as the season has progressed. I would guess it had more to do with match-ups, as the Hawks are a smaller squad. We shall continue glancing at this developing story. … It was interesting that Mike James was the first off the bench, when Rose took a break in the first quarter. With CJ Watson listed as day-to-day, Mike Jimmy was favored to John Lucas III Esquire – though the latter did get a little more playing time overall. … Kyle Korver continued his struggles from the field (aka: the only place he contributes), as suburban-girl fave shot 0-4, all three-point attempts. What a total bummer.

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