Game #32: Boston Celtic 80 – Chicago Bulls 89

Drink: Red State Bourbon, neat

Wrong sport, Luol. Stop going for the header.

I think we can all agree on the beautiful aesthetics in this contest. Am I right?! If you missed this one, the Bulls had 17 turnovers, shot below 40% from the field, and Mike James was their best point guard tonight (options: CJ Watson, John Lucas III Esquire, and Mike Jimmy) – mouthwatering, no? No.

The Bulls essentially played the ultimate TEAM game to pull this one out. With Derrick Rose out (day-to-day), the Bulls’ other three stars – Luol Deng, Carlos Boozer, and Joakim Noah – all threw down double-doubles. Highlights included: Boozer’s monster first half: 11 points, nine rebounds, and five assists; Deng’s 6-9 mark from the arc; and Noah’s 5-15 FG activity earning him 15 & 16.

The Mike James Show, starring Mike Jimmy! With three personal fouls in the second quarter, Thibs had a choice to make: put John Lucas III Esquire back in or give newly re-signed Mike Jimmy a shot in the game. He chose Mike Jimmy, and like Harrison Ford in IJ&tLC, he chose… wisely. Mr. Jimmy came in and he the Bulls went on a run. The Jimmy gave a middle finger to the stat column and instead, led the team to victory. Most people dismiss the +/- line, but Mike Jimmy’s stat line looked like this: eight points, four assists, three turnovers… AND a +17! For whatever reason, he held the team together while in the game – damn the stats! Much of this had to do with the glaring flaws of the other two options: CJ’s shitty erratic offense and Lucas’ inability to guard Rondo. In the end, when Mike Jimmy was in there, all was well. As the old saying goes: When Mike Jimmy is right, the Bulls are right.

Homely Blind Dates Thoughts: The Bulls had a large rebound margin (52-37), as expected with Boston’s lack of big men. … Without Rose, we have seen Thibs implement the Lucas-Watson back-court a few times. Is it just me, or does this remind you of an awfully poor man’s version of Stephen Curry and Monta Ellis? … When the Bulls opened their lead in the 3rd (which they eventually squandered – then recovered), it was done with some brilliant ball movement. Every now and then, the Bulls show amazing spurts of interior-exterior passing. Much like Boozer’s play, it is one of those phenomenons you see happening and wonder why it cannot sustain itself for longer stretches. … The Bulls opened the fourth quarter with a line-up of: Lucas, Jimmy, Korver, Deng, and Asik. It was hilarious. When a team goes for a smaller line-up, usually they give up size for athleticism. In this case they gave up size for, um, hell if I know. … Last, but not least: Kyle. Korver. Blows. Not a single FG in 27.5 minutes of play for a shooting guard who can only shoot. Why he logged so many minutes is beyond my imagination.

Broadcasting Rant: Yes, I get it, TNT, you have a bunch of camera angles. However, that does not mean we want the view of a squirrel on the baseline of the opposite side of the court from where the action is going down. (The view from the ceiling of the UC can be bypassed as well.) My other beef (actually semi pro-TNT) is with people bitching about Reggie Miller. Honestly, can you name many national color commentators you would rather listen to than Miller? Anyone who instantly blurts out Steve Kerr is a jackass. Yes, he was a Bulls player on championship teams. That is where his positives end. He blows and adds nothing (as is the case with most every color guy). Plus, where is his cred? Destroying the Suns? The only commentator I can say I actually enjoy is Chris Webber. He is one of the best in the studio as well. Other than C-Webb, national guys generally are inane and too busy trying to come up with “clever” catch-phrases.

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7 Responses to Game #32: Boston Celtic 80 – Chicago Bulls 89

  1. Goodluckjanine says:

    Was Mr. Jimmy working before the Bulls called? I am a little confused. Does a Mr. Jimmy just hang at home until someone calls? Please help NB.

    • Judas Pato says:

      I do like the idea of him sitting at home, staring at the phone, hoping it rings and its the Bulls, but Mike Jimmy was playing in the NBA D League for the Erie Bayhawks. Fun Fact: Erie is in Pennsylvania. Who knew?!

  2. djhatesyou says:

    “Red State” Bourbon? Paging the Un-American Activities Committee, please report to immediately.

  3. Doug says:

    When did boozer stop dunking and decided to blow wide open fast break lay-ups?

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