Game #31: Sacramento Kings 115 – Chicago Bulls 121

Drink: Vinha Do Monte (Portuguese red wine)

Jo is hip-happy for THibs coaching in the BIG GAME.

Congratulations, Mr. Tom THibodeau!!! You win the honor of coaching the 2012 NBA Eastern Conference All-Star Team, AKA a game I am sure you have no interest being any part of, even if you say otherwise. Was it any coincidence that the Bulls flirted with a 20-point lead, only to have the Kings come back and nearly steal it in the fourth? Conspiracy theory, anyone? The Bulls gave up the lane several times in this one… almost like THibs wanted it that way. And his plan of playing John Lucas III Esquire extended minutes totally backfired, as Watson played like hell most of the time and Lucas came in like gangbusters. The only question is, will anyone at the All-Star Game actually pronounce the “th” in Thibodeau’s name? Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, Da Rose is too emotional for words over THibs' honor.

Derrick Rose took a seat tonight with his lingering back issue (hopefully that seat is comfortable and continues to sit there) and after some early battling by the Kings, it looked like he was hardly missed. Yet, the Kings showed some very un-Kings’ determination and made it a close contest. It was an ugly affair for the Bulls.

Hey Soul Classics: There were some large stat lines that came from this frumpy game: Luol started cold, but turned it on for 23 points, seven boards, and 11 assists; Noah had many close looks and was money from the charity stripe (8-9) to end with 22 points, 11 boards, and 4 blocks; even useless Kyle Korver did it up with 18 points and 4-5 from the arc; finally, the team effort of 92.3% free throws was possibly the stat of the night. … The Bulls gave up 115 points to the Kings… at the UC. It is not the strongest way to start out a home stand, especially for a team built on defense. … CJ Watson had another sub-par performance tonight: 4-11 FG alongside with an equal number of assists and turnovers (2). It is a tad troubling, as I saw Watson as a very adequate option to start at the point with Rose out, and he has been very iffy in the last three games. I still have confidence in the man AND hope he starts more (translation: Rose rests his back more). … The Bulls re-signed PG Mike James earlier today, as an insurance policy with Rose out. NB is very happy that Mike Jimmy is back!

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