Game #30: Chicago Bulls 91 – Boston Celtics 95

Drink: Russell’s Reserve Bourbon, neat

I really do not know what is going on here. Omer is beautiful.

This game was ugly – 38% FG, Doris Burke ugly. Luol Deng went 3-12 from the field, Kyle Korver sunk one of five field goal attempts (all 3s), and Watson had to start dropping some buckets later in the game to improve to a robust 34.7 FG%. The Bulls also went with some interesting line-ups. Have you ever wondered how CJ Watson and John Lucas the III Esquire would pair-up in the back court? Well, this game answered that age-old riddle. (Answer: It looked about how you would have guessed.)

Even without Derrick Rose and the Bulls looking fugly, they were still in it until the end. In fact, they had the ball, down three points, with 27.6 seconds. If you watched the game, you probably do not want to relive this. You see they were coming out of a timeout (after Boozer called a timeout, instead of throwing it down to a wide open CJ), and presumably drew up a play. The play went like this: CJ takes a shitty contested two-point shot right on the arc, while acting like they only had five seconds to get a shot off. Bizarre choice, no? They had four competent three-point shooters on the court. Why force one after only a handful of second expired off the clock? I will kill the suspense here and let you, dear reader, know that shot hit no hit the bottom of the net. Then there was some inevitable fouling and the eventual L – but the Bulls are still numero uno in the East.

It was still a fun game to watch. When the Bulls play without Rose, they should not be able to beat a team like the Celtics at home. Ergo, when they are in the game late, with a legit chance at winning or forcing OT, it becomes kind of fun, rather than the swear-at-the-top-of-my-lungs frustration when they screw the pooch. With Rose out and the Bulls shooting shitastically lousy, it was impressive that the they stuck in this contest. Yet, Boston is a team on the decline and did post 18 turnovers. But then again, the Soviet Union was in the decline in the early 90s and… yeah.

Reservations: Rajon Rondo went off in this game. He posted a triple-double with 32 points, 15 assists, and 10 rebounds. Granted, he had the pick at which easy lay-up the Bulls were willing to give him, but it was a great show, nonetheless. Overall, Boston had way too many effortless fast-break points. … Joakim Noah also had a solid game, despite his butter hands. Jo went for 16 & 9 and was clearly amped for this one. It is no secret that he is not a fan of KG and Boston. He had his gun-holster thing going early [sigh] and was clearly riled throughout the game. … The Bulls seemed to get blocked a ton in this one. The 9-2 block ratio the Celtics had did not seem representative of what looked closer to 26-2. (I was logging them in my huge brain.) … For those of you wondering, Rip Hamilton is still on the books. … The difference in this one was obviously Rose. When you have an offense that revolves around one player, then you subtract said player, things tend to hit a bump. Add to that a solid Celtics D and things get hairy. Hence: (Bulls – Rose) + Celtics D = Bulls L

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