Game #29: Chicago Bulls 95 – Charlotte Bobbycats 64

Drink: Caretaker Pinot Noir

Its rough being MJ, owning the hapless Bobbycats and having to go home and bang Tits McGee.

Hundreds of people presumably paid money to watch a Rose-less Bulls team beat some D League team by 31 points. No Bulls starter even logged more than 30 minutes. Most of the game was garbage time for the Bulls (Jimmy Butler played 17 minutes!). What is even more sad for the Bobbycats is that they do not even have a bright future. None of their young talent jumps out at you. Granted, it is too early to evaluate Kemba Walker or Bismack Biyombo, but this is a team that needs to build through the draft (as no premier free agent is going to sign for them) and the Bulls have one of their first round picks – dangling it out there as their scrubs held a 30 point lead on them. I feel sorry for their mother.

I challenge anyone to look me straight in the eye (via internet) and tell me they actually watched every possession tonight. If ya did, congrats, you have less of a life than yours truly – which is a sizable achievement. The temptation of watching the Clippers-76ers game on the second TV was too much. I confess, I miss a few plays.

This was an awful contest to watch. The Bulls did not even look that sharp on offense… as their lead grew and grew and grew some more. The Bobbycats did not look remotely interested. I cannot say I blame them too much. All there is to play for are contracts, but even money does not seem to motivate these cats. Regardless, it all adds up to poor entertainment for the viewer.

Even shrooms grow out of cow shit: Joakim Noah was electric (boogie woogie woogie woogie) tonight. In 30 minutes, Jo went for 17 points, 14 rebounds, and 3 rebounds. His passing has been particularly sharp in his recent renaissance, which bodes well for the Noah-Boozer connection. A large factor in the Bulls overcoming the Heat is being able to overwhelm Miami’s weak front court D (Joel Anthony is a strong defender, but he is undersized.). If Noah starts clicking and keeps seeing the court well, it has to parlay into a better flow with him and Booz. On a down note, I really do not dig the gun-holster thing he does. It is so forced and he pulled it out tonight after hitting an open jumper… in the first quarter… against the eff’n Bobbycats. Eh, he is still my favorite player.

No Rose – Thank the good Lord! Against all odds, Derrick did not start, nor play. My guess is he needs back surgery.

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