Game #26: Chicago Bulls 113 – Milwaukee Bucks 90

Drink: NB Rob Roy

"Well, gee, that sure was a swell win! Gosh 'o golly!"

Holy Moses, this was a smoke show, in the truest sense of that made up term. Da Rose was Black Dynamite out of the gates. Oddly enough, the Bucks held tough when Rose was dropping everything in the building. Then he cooled off and the Bulls opened a lead. After a handful of minutes into the second, the Bulls grabbed a 20 point lead. They became fond of that lead, so much so, that they kept it for most of the night. It was a generally poor effort from the Bucks. Their offense is largely dependent on Brandon Jennings and when the volatile point guard is off (which is a coin-flip), the Bucks are prime for a loss. Add to that some apathetic defense and the prospects for a Milwaukee win looked… eh. Luckily, not many Buck fans paid to watch this contest, as the Bulls played a home game on the road.

Speaking of which, the Bulls moved into a positive record (3-2) for the first time on this nine-game road trip and bid farewell to a difficult stretch of the tour. The only tough game out of the next four is the finale against Boston. Otherwise, Chicago faces New Jersey, New Orleans, and New Charlotte. All of the last four games take place with a day’s rest in between. Yawn.

More than any of this trivial nonsense, the story of the night was the return of Our Man from Sudan, Luol Deng. Thibs celebrated the occasion by playing late into the fourth with a twenty-point lead – just like old times! Lu looked comfortable on the court in his 41 very necessary minutes, as he was not hesitant to throw up shots and drive to the rim. More than his 21 & 9 (on almost 50% shooting), I was pleased to see him not look timid.

A smoke show is always good times, and good times call for ye ole Middle Finger to Thumbs Up Scale. The Bucks had too many easy shots to warrant a full three, but it was good enough for two Reagans:

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2 Responses to Game #26: Chicago Bulls 113 – Milwaukee Bucks 90

  1. Goodluckjanine says:

    Heather loved watching the smoke show! She also enjoyed the name Boozer and Deng.

  2. Judas Pato says:

    While great names, they do not compare to Mbah a Moute.

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