Game #25: Chicago Bulls 105 – New York Knickerbockers 102

Drink: NB Manhattan

D'Antoni acts appropriately when MSG drops Get Get Down.

I think we can all agree that the biggest story of tonight’s game happened during a break in the action in the 3rd, when Get Get Down was played over the speakers at Madison Square Garden. Am I right? Here is a match-up of Chicago v NY, and the home team plays a track from one of the best – if not THE best – Chicago house producers. Aw shucks!

This was a disappointing win for yours truly. (Thus is the spoiled life of Bulls fans these days.) I thought this would be an easy W for Chicago – so much so that I confidently took the Bulls giving up 3.5. They were coming from an awfully disappointing display the night before and while the Knicks have looked better as of late, they are still a mess. I figured that this added up to a healthy victory for your Chicago Bulls.

Before the game began, the TNT brain trust suggested Carlos Boozer as a possible All-Star.  I laughed… my dog barked… an orphan wept… and Boozer’s kids chanted, “LET’S GO HEAT!” (Don’t worry, none of this has anything to do with foreshadowing Booz’s D.)

Amar’e Stoudemire ended up with 34 & 11 on 16-27 FG. (I swear, none of this has to do with the Beard’s shittastic defense.)

I feel like I should point out here that Boozer has no f’n clue how to play defense. (Sorry, I was wrong.) Amar’e made Booz feel his M.F. beats in the face. Against the 76ers, Boozer looked baffled with the ball movement happening before him. Tonight, there was less ball movement and more Amar’e making Boozer look handicapped. Golfers get a handicap, why not Booz? I can understand that he is not the sharpest defender in the NBA, but he was consistently getting fooled by the pick-and-roll, minus the PICK. Guarding Stoudemire largely means keeping him in front of you, forcing him to shoot longer jumpers. Boozer refused to abide by this practice and got burned time and again. He might as well have been defending from a wheelchair.

What else happened? Good question, me. … Unit: DJ TrainWreck put in a solid, if not graceful, effort in the 2nd quarter, led by CJ Watson. With the injuries in the starting line-up, an already o-challenged UDJTW now looks like the Bears without Cutler and Forte. … Jimmy Butler played 19+ minutes for the second straight game. While last night’s contest gave him garbage minutes, tonight, the rookie played meaningful time. It is tough what to make of Butler. His defense is solid enough, but he is completely lost on offense. This was highlighted by a fast-break in the 2nd. Butler was leading a two-on-three break and looked clueless as to what to do with the ball. Yes, he made the lay-up, but it with the confidence that a pimple-faced freshman asks out the prom queen. … I loved the combo of Rose and Watson against a Knicks squad with sub-par guard play. … Speaking of which, the juxtaposition of Melo playing point guard is wonderful. It is the equivalent of Rose playing center. … Get on my camel and ride:

The original track that brought about so many euphoric remixes:

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  2. djhatesyou says:

    Another classic off that “Dance Mania” label. Notice the type font on that record? Does it look familiar? Have you seen it somewhere before? From a movie poster? A banner? Fuck yeah!

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