Note Bulljive

  • Joakim Noah’s large pay check screwed with his performance, says Noah. Was it all the fame, booze reefer, and women? Nope. Jo says that he the large expectations, that accompanied large stacks of cash, messed with his noggin. I guess Gar Paxman should have told him, “By no means do we expect anything more out of you,” while signing the contract and everything would have been fine.
  • Sticking with the Trib, Rip Hamilton is to be shelved in order to fully recover. In fact, the Bulls look to be cautious to the point that Luol Deng may make his return before Rip, as the small forward could return tomorrow against the NY Knickerbockers. I suppose the new philosophy for the Bulls’ brass is to make sure injuries fully heal before playing… if you go by the moniker “Rip.” Eh, it’s a start.
  • And finally, from the Trib, MUST-HAVE KITCHEN TOOLS!!!
  • The Bulls take on the surprise of the Eastern Conference tonight, in the Philadelphia 76ers, followed by the disappointment in the East tomorrow, in the NY Knickerbockers. Tonight’s contest should be a great battle and very tough road game for a Dengless and Ripless Bulls team. Phila brings a very balanced attack and can roll deep. The Knicks bring two of the same player at two different positions (Melo and Amar’e) and misfit issues to the court. Both games should be fun, for very different reasons.

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Just another hard working member of the press, covering the Chicago Bulls and nonsense - often both, simultaneously.
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One Response to Note Bulljive

  1. djhatesyou says:

    Since when the hell is an appetizer plate a “tool.” Damn Tribune.

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