Game #24: Chicago Bulls 82 – Philadelphia 76ers 98

Drink: Bulleit Rye, neat

Scalabrine logged 8 minutes, while Butler put in 19! Ouch.

Your Chicago Bulls took an early lead in this contest, largely built on the inability of the 76ers to put the biscuit in the basket. Then the 76ers corrected said inability and led for the three and a half quarters (or seven-eighths of the game, if you will). Unfortunately, the NBA fat cats determine the winner of the game by the team who leads at the end of four quarters and not the team who leads halfway through the first. Well, la ti da! Face it people, we live in a land ruled by the 1%ers, while us 99%ers have to deal with these very unDrive rules.

Give Phila credit, they looked sharp, suave, Drive-like even. Their high energy and balanced attack (five players in double figures in a sub 100-point game) simply overwhelmed the Bulls. And their ball movement completely baffled the Bulls. Chief of the baffled was the Quote King, Carlos Boozer. It was comical how out of place he was at times. He either did not rotate and watched opposing players get easy buckets or rotated, played behind the recovering defender, and left his original assignment wide open. Combine this with a flat offense versus a toughroughtough defense and…

This game was over after three quarters (according to the NBA’s highfalutin ways) and Thibs played the bench (or at least, the part that is not currently starting) as such. The Bulls were smoke showed. It was like that scene in Drive when Driver crushes the dude’s face with his sneakers.

Ominous Future? (Preface: I know, there are still many, many games left.) The way the East is shaping up, it appears the strongest teams are the Bulls, Heat, and Phila. This could very well mean a Bulls v. 76ers conference semifinal. Last season, the City of Sibling Love took two out of three from the Bulls and just romper stompered Chicago in their first contest of the season. Sure, the Bulls were without Luol Deng and Rip Hamilton, but concerns loom. The Bulls were clueless for large stretches of time, on both ends of the court. Phila did a solid job of keeping Rose out of the lane (except when Da Rose made a point of pressing in the 2nd) and had great movement all over the court – with and without the ball. It will interesting to see where these two teams are at – and who is healthy –  in March, when they play twice in two weeks.

Where were Neil Funk and Stacey King? Our two bothersome passable beloved announcers had some poor seats for tonight’s game. Multiple times they would mention that they did not have a good angle on a play “from up here” (in an almost bitter fashion). In their little halftime chat, the backdrop made it look like they were in club-level seats. I hoped they learned their lesson, if you want good seats, you have to buy them early.

Now excuse me while I watch Ryan Gosling cruise around LA to 80s inspired electro music and wear a mask (in tribute to Rip).

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Just another hard working member of the press, covering the Chicago Bulls and nonsense - often both, simultaneously.
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