Game #23: Chicago Bulls 98 – Washington Wizards 88

Drink: Old Bardstown Bourbon, neat

This game was never much of a contest. The Bulls established a double-digit lead and kept it for most of the game. The Wiz made some runs, but they are Wiz and it is hard to take them seriously.

After feeling the burden of the Heat loss and blaming it on himself, Derrick Rose vowed to pull a Prince and “go crazy” against… the Wiz. You kind of wish he was all pissed and ready to go off on a contender good not awful team, but it was still fun to watch. Rose was determined early, making it a point to get to the lane, dropping floaters and banking in shots. He began 6-8 FG and ended the game with a season-high 35 points, along with 8 assists and [under my breath] five turnovers.

Please, Noah, Don’t Hurt Em: Joakim Noah has been steadily improving since getting an ankle owie. It was mind-boggling to most of us that Noah began the season in an energy-less funk. The powder keg center was never known for his finesse, rather it was his gritty play, snarl, and drive that led to him penning a five-year, $60+ million contract. Oddly missing from the early going, it seems all it took was an ankle knock to flip his switch. For Lincoln Hawk, it was a baseball cap – for Jo, it was an ankle. To each, his own.

Noah put in another solid effort against the very large JaVale McGee, logging 14 points, 13 rebounds, and seven assists. Noah looks close to his pre-injury form of last season and even hit some tornado jumpers like he did over a year ago. It is a very welcome re-addition (?) to this team and can only help Boozer (18 & 8).

Existential Conjecture: Kyle Korver started this game and was not horrible. Coming from myself, that means he had a decent game. He went 5-12 from distance and had 17 points overall (hitting his one non-three-pointer). It was curious how many times Washington left him wide open, but that’s Wizball! Hell, Korver even showed some passable cover defense. Passable! … And why did Korver get the start? Well, after coming back for one game against the Heat, Rip Hamilton sat on the bench tonight. Please, please, please, let him rest until he is fully recovered. It is my birthday wish for the Bulls to stop re-injuring players who see the court when they should be resting. (Luol, I am looking at you.) … One of the main reasons the Wiz were able to make runs in this one is that the Bulls played some sloppy ball. I was surprised to only see 19 total turnovers (a shitty number in its own right), as the mental lapses and ugly play made it look closer to 30 or 82.

Quote of the Night: Normally, Joakim Noah being asked about fantasizing about playing point guard (as the big man did a whole lot of dribbling and passing tonight) and responding with, “I think of women when I think of fantasizing,” would be a QotN lock. However, how can you beat the King of QotN? Carlos Boozer, after having trouble inbounding the ball against a full-court Wiz press mid-fourth quarter, yelled, “What the fuck y’all doing?!” to his teammates (once again, clearly audible on live TV). Congrats Booz, there is one category where you are pure royalty. 

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