Game #22: Chicago Bulls 93 – Miami Heat 97

Drink: Corpse Reviver

Derrick Rose hit 12 consecutive free throws. Then he was on the line with a chance to go ahead by one, giving the Heat the ball, without a shot clock. He missed the first. Then he was on the line with a chance to tie the game, giving the Heat the ball, without a shot clock. He missed the second. Then the Heat had the ball, up by one, without a shot clock. Joakim Noah fouled LeBron, his sixth. LeBron missed both free throws. Then a bunch of more crazy shit happened, Rose had a bad shot attempt to tie the game, and the Bulls lost. It was dumb.

The game was fantastic. The Bulls were down the whole game. It was only surprising that they were not down more the entire game. Yet, the game was a lovely clash. Luol Deng was on the bench with a banged up wrist. If you are not hip on Deng’s defensive assignments, he usually defends LeBron James. Without Deng, Ronnie Brewer was left to pick up that slack. Yeah, the slack was too heavy. Brewer did an admirable job, but was hardly Deng. He looked like a malnourished peasant to Bron’s hulking frame. As a result, Bron went off for 35 points and 11 rebounds. He was locked-in, in a season where is is cementing his status as alpha-superstar. Regardless, the game was a bunch ‘o fun.

Carlos Boozer's interpretive dance of defense.

My, my, my, my, Boozer. Carlos Boozer played in this game and was… less than adequate. I will preface this by stating that I am a defender of the Beard (comparatively so), but I also have a guilty pleasure in the movie Ladybugs – so that admission may not mean much. Where was I? Oh yeah, Boozer does not match up well against the Heat. While Taj thrives against the Heat, Boozer disappears. Sure, he had an excuse with turf toe in last season’s Conference Finals, yet Boozer had the same ineptitude in day’s contest, sans turf toe. He started off 0-4 from the floor (He did end up 5-10), with most shots barley introducing themselves to the rim, and thus went his confidence and/or aggression. For large periods of time throughout the game, he simply looked disinterested. He came to embody the Bulls overall bizarre indifference to loose balls. With Thibs itchy Boozer/Noah 4th-quarter trigger finger, I was surprised he played as many minutes as he did in the last frame. It was rather sad that I found it a relief when he got into foul-trouble throughout the game, forcing Thibs’ hand.

Revived Thoughts: Rose certainly looked like he was trying to make a point and that this was more than “just a game.” The determination and drive in Rose’s game was very evident, as the MVP was throwing the team on his back for much of the second half. But was it at he cost of the their total offense? As Rose pressed more, Rip faded into the shadows. It is tough to tell how healthy Hamilton (groin) was, but he was an integral part of the O in the first half and on the fringes in the second. … The Bulls inability to finish was awfully frustrating today. Multiple easy finishes did not flush, and that is hardly a healthy practice against a team like the Heat. … LeBron rode a bicycle to today’s game due to the Miami Marathon. ESPN thought this was very important. God help us if he decides to roller-blade to a game ESPN covers later in the season. … It was so much fun to watch the Bulls battle against a top-level opponent today. Too bad the East is so terrible and we have to endure so many poor games for every one contest of this caliber. … Dwyane Wade was dreadful in this contest (4-16 FG). It was comical. Games like today make you happy that the Bulls were not able to sign everything that Rose is not – huge ego, tragically pandering for calls, and an overall bitch. … This Bulls team is all about Rose, so I shall end it as such. Ole Bron-Bron switched on D to the reigning MVP late in the fourth. It proved to be effective, as Rose became hesitant and did not drive as hard into the lane. With any luck, we will see the Heat in the playoffs with a fully healthy squad. This would see both Rip and Deng on the court if the Heat pull the same switch, offering some better mismatches for the Bulls.

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