Game #21: Milwaukee Bucks 100 – Chicago Bulls 107

Drink: Redemption Rye, neat

Ah, the Bulls of Now and the Bulls of Yesteryear, both acting as they should.

The game began with Kyle Korver on the court. I thought the current injury fest was going to be rough, but I never thought reality could be this vile. He lived up to his worthless self as well. The Suburban Girl Dream played almost 36 minutes and posted 9 points, 3 rebounds, and 1 asist – complemented by one turnover – and you can imagine how much defense went along with that robust line. Fact: If you like Korver, you suck.

This one started as the battle of the point guards. It was a bunch of fun. Early on, I was sure Brandon Jennings and Derrick Rose were going to score every point in tonight’s contest. Without Luol Deng (wrist) and Rip Hamilton (dick groin), it is not incredibly surprising that Rose would go off like he did. On the other hand, Jennings likes to score most of the Bucks points or try to score them all while missing a ton, so it was predictable that he would ply his trade, especially without the large Australian, Andrew Bogut (ankle). And the young Jennings was napalm out of the gates. The kid was hitting crazy shots at a scary rate. Seeing as he took at least 34 of the Bucks first 7 seven shots (I am being lenient there), it is head-scratching that he only ended up with 22 shots. Overall, surprise-surprise, the wise Rose got the better of young Jennings (Rose is tad more than a year older).

Fast Eddie Joakim Noah is Back! In case you need some catching up, Noah did not exactly leap out of the gates this season. Yet, he has been picking up steam. More than his stats, Noah has been hustling. While that may sound like a simple and obvious area for improvement, it was a curiously missing factor from his play. His current game suggests that his spunk is possibly back. If this is true, it is very promising, as more than anything else, Noah’s grittiness is the backbone to his magic. Tonight he had a vintage Noah mettle: 15 points, 16 rebounds, 3 blocks, 3 steals, 0 turnovers. And, call me crazy, but I think that Jo and Boozer (20 & 13) are beginning to develop a skosh of chemistry… ever… so… slowly…

Crafty Winks: Mike Dunleavy is surely an insurance salesman when he is not playing basketball, right? … Oh, the UC faithful. [deep breath] Early in the first, Rose had an improbable-crazy, Rose-like bank off the glass and the crowd had a 1/5th Scalabrine-reaction to it. Later, they would show Ozzie Guillen on the scoreboard and the crowd boo’d. Even later, the Bulls logged 100 points and the biggest cheer of the night occurred. I feel like I have such a disconnect with the fans in the UC. At this point, I feel like if they went from Ozzie to Kenny Williams, they would have cheered. If that would have actually happened, it may have been the straw that broken Judas’ back. … A Bogutless Bucks and Jennings cooling significantly after the first did not warrant 100 points from Milwaukee. The Bulls looked slow to get out on shots all night, and it did not help that the Bucks successfully pulled some quick transitions – luckily, the Heat are not at all known for that. … I had the Bucks feed for this game, and I could have sworn that Jon McGlocklin was doing a Bill Walton impression the whole game. Early on I genuinely felt that I missed the news of Walton taking over Bucks’ color duty this season. … Finally, it is only fitting to end this wrap-up with Rose. The reigning MVP was aggressive early and often, a tactic that was necessary with the absence of Rip and Deng. God bless you, Mr. Rose.

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