Note Bulljive

  • Apparently, after the Pacers’ win on Wednesday night, the Naptowners got all zip-a-dee-doo-dah over their victory and Bulls players were none too pleased. Chief of the unpleased (not a word) was Derrick Rose, who said in a monotone, quiet voice (just guessing there), “I’ll never forget how they celebrated just from winning this game. I can’t wait to play them again.” When I first caught wind of this, I heard he was pissed. My initial reaction was, “Well, you should have beat them then.” Then I read Rose’s actual words and Ronnie Brewer adding, “To hear them do like that adds a little fuel to the fire. We talked about it after the game.” These words sound less like whining and more like, “Hope your happy now, but don’t get used to it,” which I am cool with.
  • With the above kindling, it is nice to see an actual rivalry spark back up in the Central Division. The Bucks were supposed to give the Bulls a run for their money last year  (I think SI even picked them to win the division!), but fizzled. The Pacers came strong in the second half of the season when Frank Vogel took over the helm, and now it looks like we have a fun rival in our backyard. I guess “fun” is a bit patronizing, as it should be. While the Pacers have a tough, well-rounded team, they do not have the talent to hang with the Bulls – especially if Roy Hibbert goes down. I think the big man means more to the Pacers than Rose means to the Bulls.
  • Luol “The Glue” Deng is rumored to make his comeback as early as Sunday against the meaningless showcase match against the Miami Heat. Much like Vanilla Ice’s ’98 comeback attempt, I think we can all agree that it is too early for such greatness. If you want to read all the reasons this is a terrible VI-esque idea, go here. I do not have the anger control for it.
  • It was fun to see Jimmy Butler get some first-quarter playing time in last night’s game… and then ensure that will not happen again after he turned the ball over, missed an assignment on defense, and then was called for traveling. Nice to see ya, James! Better luck next time, i.e. late in a fourth-quarter smoke show.
  • And finally, with Omer Asik’s fourth-quarter air-ball free throw, we leave you with ole Anvil Hands himself:

    "I've been there, bro, I've been there."

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Just another hard working member of the press, covering the Chicago Bulls and nonsense - often both, simultaneously.
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