Game #20: Indiana Pacers 95 – Chicago Bulls 90

Drink: Makers Mark, neat

"You see, it is called 'DEFENSE' and I am all about it. Here are the basics..."

I am none too sure the reasoning, but my gut told me that the Bulls would walk away with this one in the third, after leading by ten at halftime. Sure, there were factors pointing to that direction – the score being the obvious measure, the Bulls impeccable home record, the road (however short that road may have been) back-to-back for the Pacers, Rose & Brewer looking great in the first half – but, I kept this attitude throughout the whole game, even when they were down by seven with four minutes left. Ultimately, I ended the game like the Bulls, defeated.

It was an odd contest. The two teams seemed to exchange periods in the game when they looked like they gave a shit. It was not a smooth, aesthetic game. There were ugly stretches, followed by beautiful glimpses, then more “scrappy” (that is being kind) play. Ronnie Brewer was a Deng clone in the first half (making one wonder: Does the starting small forward obtain glue-superpowers?), and everyone blow-jobbed him for his effort. He largely Caspered in the second half. I truly believe that the Bulls offense is much more dynamic with Rip in there, but his 6-20 FG performance is not going to win me any converts. Likewise, I was getting excited that Boozer was getting more fluid lately, and then he threw up a 5-14 FG effort. Rose was much more aggressive in this game than his ginger-ball against the Nets, but he still lacked his usually uncanny ability to finish at the rim and his laser-beam shot still boggles my mind, yet was mostly effective.

There is an endless amount I want to write about this game, but the loss has me scraping for motivation. It is not a knot of disappointment, more than it is my stupid expectations that they should win every home game. I will register all my thoughts with a post tomorrow. Maybe. For now, I leave you with the Quote of the Night, delivered by – who else? – Carlos Boozer.

“Oh shit!” Carlos yelled when Omer Asik air-balled a free throw.

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