Game #19: New Jersey Nets 95 – Chicago Bulls 110

Drink: Redemption Rye Whiskey

Carlos Boozer adds the wrist-bite to his dick-grab repertoire.

And the Chicago Bulls come out up top in the 2012 Ex-Jazz Bowl – as this game featured nearly a roster’s worth of former Utah Jazz players. Clearly this was the headline of tonight’s game – NB always has their finger on the pulse of America (Wake up! Wake Up!). In all reality (a place NB shies away from), this game was more concentrated on which banged-up Bulls would play. Luol Deng was out, along with Taj Gibson. On the flip side, Joakim Noah played and there was someone else who is slipping my mind…

Tonight was the return of Da Rose… but, should it have been? Mine, yours, and everybody’s MVP had a credible enough line – 22 points (9-16 FG), 8 assists, 5 boards – yet, stats do not tell the whole story. Rose was clearly lacking explosiveness and aggression to the lane. It did not help that the Nets game plan (I know, who knew that Nets knew such words as “game plan.”) was largely based on making Rose chase Deron Williams around  more screens than should be possible in a halfcourt set. This led to Williams getting the better of Rose on multiple occasions. His pop simply was not there. This leads right back to the question that began this paragraph.

From what I saw, my answer is a resounding, Darth-Vader-Episode: III, “NOOOOOO!!!” Rose looked a step slow, was not aggressive to the rim, and often times seemed to walking almost gingerly when back tracking on defense and the like. Then Thibs inexplicably put him back in the game with the Bulls leading by 17 and nine minutes left… against the hapless Nets. This is a team that does not have much of, well, ANYTHING. Even if they did, who gives a flying duck (censored)? It is still early in the season and the Bulls more than proved that you do not win the title in the regular season. Hell, if this was even a “statement game” (total regular season bullshit term), there was no reason to play him. As it stands, it was a Monday game against the Nets, during a week in which they have a light (by this season’s standards) schedule. I understand that Thibs knows one way of playing: hard – early and often – regardless how much the second part of that plan makes sense. It is his jackass old-school mentality. Do not get me wrong, I think Thibs has brought a great defensive culture and tough edge to Chicago basketball, but there are times when he needs to see the bigger picture, i.e. the playoffs, and take care of his stars.

The Mind’s Rye: The UC consistently booed the NBA’s “Most Disliked Player,” Kris Humphries. Presumably they are upset that chanting, “SCAL-A-BRINE,” does not make them look idiotic enough. … Ronnie Brewer started for the injured Luol Deng and was noticeably not Luol Deng on defense. We are constantly reminded by the Bulls media how much Deng aids this team. Brewer is apparently on the media’s side, as he wanted to make sure a counter-argument had little-to-no validity. Deng usually logs fifty-something minutes in a 48-minute contest, being “the glue,” as Thibs describes him. While the Bulls won by 15, they did give up 95 points to the Nets, who currently register one true scoring threat, and that is their point guard. While a very good defender, Brewer is not the Bulls best defender nor a small forward. Heal up soon, Deng (so Thibs can play you more minutes than there are in a game). … Are Omer Asik and Brian Scalabrine the whitest possible front court combination in the NBA today? I will let you decide. … I guess Joakim Noah just needed an injury to battle, as he was as active as ever in tonight’s contest, going for 16 points, 10 boards, and 4 assists. Sure, it was against an undersized Nets team, but Jo was all over the place. He looked so good that Thibs put him back in, nursing an ankle injury, with three and a half minutes, up by 17! … And finally, Carlos Boozer dunked a ball. It was an uncontested drive with two minutes left in the game, but still, he did it with two hands even!

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3 Responses to Game #19: New Jersey Nets 95 – Chicago Bulls 110

  1. Fro Dog says:

    Hey guys. I dig the site. Here’s my opinion on the state of the Bulls:

    1. I think Rose should have sat out again. I think the Bulls need to think long term and sit this guy out for as long as he needs to. If that means that they have to lose a few games, so be it. As long as they get into the playoffs with everyone healthy and a legit shot to contend, then so be it. Every game he plays not 100% will not be a good thing. That goes for other players as well. If they are injured, sit them out until they are 100%.

    2. Omer Asik is terrible in my opinion. The guy has the worst hands in the league. He can never hold onto the ball when going for a rebound or when someone passes to him. And when he does catch the ball, he continues to do a pump fake rather than jump immediately for a dunk. He gets fouled quite a bit and teams don’t give a crap because he is as good as a free throw shooter as Andre Biedrins.

    3. I find it entertaining that the fans chant Scalabrine’s name. The guy is white and not very athletic but the guy works his ass off. He’ll probably be a coach someday. For this game, he played very well. Good defense and a nice passer. He scored a couple buckets as well. I don’t want to rely on him too much but it’s nice to see him play.

    4. Last point being Thibodeau and his horrible management of his players. He failed miserably at resting Rose in the Eastern Conference Finals last year and it hurt dearly. I saw what you guys wrote about Rose going back in with a 17 point lead when the logical answer was to either stick with Watson or put Mike James in to finish it out. If the Nets somehow pulled within ten, then put him back in. Last week, the Bulls were up 30 with about eight minutes to go in the game and the starters were still in. Instead of going with the likes of Butler, Scalabrine, etc., he keeps his regulars going. Bad idea. One of these days, the team is going to pay for it.

  2. Judas Pato says:

    Dishing out praise to one goofy white guy, while bagging on another? I like the Turk for what he is: a lock down defender, in there to rebound and enforce justice in the lane. It is funny that your comment about his offense should come after one of his more solid offensive outings. Yes, his hands have the grace of anvils and the Turk cannot stop pump faking, but he started playing basketball in his mid-teens and his raw game is evidence of that. As far as fouling goes, let them take that practice. Few teams are deep in the front court. If they want to rack up fouls on Asik, let it be.

    Scal is a clown, but he did have a decent game.

  3. djhatesyou says:

    There are few things you can set your watch to when it comes to the Bulls, the Asik pump-fake is one of those things. It is both mesmerizing and hypnotic, a disaster from which you cannot turn your head. Where will the ball end up? Will the pump fakes incrementally get high enough so that he can just dunk it? Will he pop the ball? Throw it into the rafters? Cherish it boys, you’ll miss it when it’s gone.

    Scalabrine sees the floor while Pops sits idle. Still a crime.

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