Game #16: Phoenix Suns 97 – Chicago Bulls 118

Drink: Argyle Reserve – Pinot Noir ‘08

If you saw the Bulls take on the Suns Tuesday night, I would call you a good fan. If you heard the Suns take on the Bulls, well, I would call you an ultra-fan. And that is what I am, an ultra-fan. In Europe they call them just “ultras,” so don’t call me that. Unfortunately I, DJHatesyou, and the NBA on-line league pass have just gotten off on the wrong foot this season. Certain parties have blacked out games that shouldn’t have been blacked out. Other certain parties have fired off drunken emails telling the other party just when, why and how hard they can go f*ck themselves. The next day they sober up, pick up the pieces and try to move on until the “Options>Internet>NBA>League Pass” brings fourth an inevitable short lived reunion, and the ensuing heartbreak. As things stand right now, the relationship is most likely fractured beyond repair. Enter our hero!

So as it happens I took in this lovely Bulls game at home, listening on the radio just to spite the NBA “League Pass.” Anyhow, the few games I did see on their “service” stalled, presumably because David Stern and his internet cronies were too busy acquiring the puppy tears and kitten blood that grease the gears of their rotten servers.

Also,  it turns out there’s a simple reason professional basketball never took off before the television era. Listening to basketball games on the radio sucks, and the practice should only be undertaken in the most desperate of circumstances. Boycotting the NBA “League Pass” is definitely one of those circumstances, since they insist on blacking out games that should not be blacked out.

To the game! The Suns are a bizarre and disjointed sort of trailer park family this year that just can’t seem to get themselves out of a slump and gaining any sort of momentum. On top of injury problems, unproductive spot play, and a “Disney On Ice” 5 game road trip out east, the Suns had an uphill battle against the Bulls no doubt. Rose was still injured, and Phoenix was hopeful that this might be their chance to eke out a big road win against Chicago sans MVP.

If the Suns thought they had a chance at any point, Carlos “Dunk His Ass” Boozer was having absolutely none of it. Boozer was 12-15 in the first half alone. Channing Frye settled into his 2012 groove of complete ineffectiveness and terrible play early in this game, leaving Nash to try and pick up some slack. Any rally ideas were quickly crushed by an astounding CJ Watson. He was fast, reliable, easily accessible, and had absolutely no black out problems tuning in for this game. He put up 23 points in this contest, and from the sounds of it, it must have been pretty fun to watch. I wouldn’t know of course.  The turnovers column was as one sided as it gets in this game as well, and the Bulls made a habit of pouncing. It was fun to see, er, hear. The Suns have been decent defensively this year, this game those skills were nowhere to be seen, er, heard. Since I was only listening to the game, I have no proof that the Suns didn’t actually lay down on the court during their defensive time on the court. So there!

In summary, I feel pretty good about this victory, and it certainly pits a solid loss in the NBA League Pass column, as it was actually pretty fun listening to the game while following stats on my computer the whole time.

Quote of the game goes to my wife and her reaction to Boozer’s monster first half. (She hasn’t seen any games this season, mostly thanks to the NBA League Pass being a complete con-job.)“Boozer? I thought he was worthless, what happened?”

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