Game #14: Toronto Raptors 64 – Chicago Bulls 77

Drink: Rogue – Dead Guy Ale

To change things up I went with beer for this game. I should have done whiskey. Whiskey stood a chance of making this game fun. If you missed this barn burner, the score is a stellar indication of the entertainment extravaganza that was the 141 point total.

This was the Bulls ninth game in twelve days. It sure looked like it. They started the game with energy – passing the ball well, with the much criticized duo of Joakim Noah and Carlos Boozer looking sharp as well. Then the game fizzled toward the end of the first and was never interesting again.

The Raptors are plain bad. They held close to the Bulls into the fourth quarter, but one never felt like they had a chance of winning. Instead of analyzing this game, just check out the following gif. It explains everything you need to know about our friends from the Canadian outpost of Toronto.

This is how Taj punches into work.

Ale Burps: Former Bull, James Johnson, had a charge called on him when he opted to not pass on a three on one – at which point Bulls announcer, Neil Funk, exclaimed, “And that is why James Johnson is a Toronto Raptor!” Um… OK. … Luol Deng played consecutive minutes until the later half of the second quarter. He then came out long enough to think about having a drink of water before he was subbed back in. Stacey King, “He never seems to get tired.” This leads me to conclude that King either has not watched any of the games he has worked or his memory is terrible. The Chicago Bulls’ workhorse has looked winded in multiple games this season. It was good to see him play only 38:31 tonight. … Taj Gibson went for 11 points & 12 rebounds in 22 minutes of play – and he looked even better than that. We should probably all stop bitching about Noah & Booz sitting out in the fourth and appreciate that we have such a deep front court. … In addition to Taj, Rose (18 & 11) and Booz (17 & 13) had double-doubles. … Always the one for different 4th quarter line-ups, Thibs went with Rose, Lucas, Korver, Boozer, & Taj in this one, with 4’8″ Lucas as a two guard. … The Bulls are now a C-R-A-Z-Y 12-2 (86%) on the season, after getting done with one of their most compact stretches of the year. Celebrate and have a beer shot of whiskey! Things is lookin’ good!

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Just another hard working member of the press, covering the Chicago Bulls and nonsense - often both, simultaneously.
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