Game #13: Chicago Bulls 88 – Boston Celtics 79

Drink: Vesper Martini

The Celts look old and sad. It is almost as if they took a look at the decaying carcass that  Celts came to be in the early 90s and are aspiring to do the same. I hope that their fans are paying attention to what the Pistons are now, for in a few years, the Celts should be able to reach that decrepit caliber.

Usually I love nothing more than a solid beating of the Celts (save for a Pistons beatdown), yet this one was not even fun. The Garden was silent for the entire first half and while they became more lively during Boston’s second-half run (which, honestly, took a combination of great execution, solid rebounding & D, and friendly whistles – all of which faded as the fourth progressed), the stadium was the loudest when the White Mamba (i.e. the Bulls victory lap) checked into the game. The only positive of playing this mundane Celtics team is that it amped Noah and gave him his best game of the season…

Jo! Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah... He's a miracle!

Noah Channels Noah: Ah, my favorite recent subject: Noah Watch 2012! Noah’s stat line was far from remarkable (10 points, 12 rebounds, 4 blocks), yet he had the pinnacle of a chain of inspired performances tonight. Noah began the season sluggish. The last few games have seen him step up his energy, even if the results have not quite been there. Is it any wonder that it took him being matched up with his nemesis, Kevin Garnett, to deliver his best performance of the season? Sure, Noah’s hands still look like they are made of stone, but the fact that he was hustling boards (granted, against a small Boston line-up) and playing aggressive D, was enough for me to become optimistic. Plus, Noah and Carlos Boozer did the unthinkable: They played significant minutes in the fourth quarter!

Dope Thinking: Derrick Rose was “questionable” for tonight’s game and ended with some strong ball. Being an injury that will nag, it still worries me. … It was funny to see the Celtics go Chernobyl on any questionable call in the first half because their play was so poor that they needed to vent at anything. … Carlos Boozer officially does not get any calls. I am hardly surprised as Boozer must have read The Boy Who Cried Wolf and became inspired by the young boy’s ways. When you yell, “Goddamn!” after every play and mug at the ref, you should not expect calls. … I am a fan of very few announcers and Jeff Van Gundy is not on that short list. Even when I agree with him, he still manages to be an annoying prick. Then there are times like when the Boston faithful booed Noah after he show-boated a tad after hitting a jumper, and Jeff & Co. thought the crowd was getting on their home team. He went on a rant for over a minute about the Celts unjustly booing their team, when they were clearly bagging on Noah (and then brought it up an hour later). … You know what does not beat a zone defense? Passing around the perimeter for the majority of the shot clock. The Bulls need to attack the lane when the opposition is in the zone. I know that attacking the interior is not their strength on offense, but there needs to be some attempt to do so against the zone. With the way they struggle against the zone, it puzzles me that every team does not go 82 minutes of zone every game.

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