Game #12: Washington Wizards 64 – Chicago Bulls 78

Drink: Paddleford Creek Bourbon, neat

Do you think when the Mortal Kombat, "FINISH HIM!" voice comes over, Korver kind of slaps at him?

Man, the Wiz certainly do not have any defense to speak of, and not much offense either, but I heard their special teams were decent. I suppose I misheard and that they are just a special team. HIYO! This is a “professional” team in name only. They do not play D and their offensive game plan is: SHOOT! What do you expect from Flip Saunders?

The story of the night was the legendary John Lucas III Esquire show. His line was 28 points, 8 rebounds, and 8 assists… in 45:38 on the court and on 11-28 (1-7 3s) shooting. Apparently, Rose has been such an effective scorer at the point guard position that when he misses a game, his replacement assumes the alpha-shooter role – as CJ Watson put down 33 in Rose’s only missed game of last season (although he did it on 50% shooting). Yet, was it just me or did their offense look much balanced without Lucas in the line-up? Sure that only consumed 2:22 of the clock. Yet, during that time, the Bulls moved the ball around and into the lane. Then Lucas came back on and it was the settle-for-jumpers extravaganza once again. For whatever reason, Lucas decided to shoot 28 times, while the recently cold Deng threw up 21 field goals. Next on the list was the red-hot Korver with only ten. In my imagination, Thibs is completely clueless on offense and when Rose is out, he kind of shrugs at the point guard, uttering something like, “I don’t know, Rose seems to shoot a bunch. Do that.”

Omer hates watching his own dunks. Maybe if Jo tried the same technique, he would play in the 4th.

Story #2 was certainly Omer Asik’s powerful performance, with 8 points & 14 boards. The Turk is a defensive rock. Which leads one to…

Paging Mr. Noah, Mr. Joakim Noah: Noah Watch 2012 continues with another effort that featured more energy, but lacked production and minutes. From what I gather, Noah underwent a procedure in the off-season to replace the flesh and bones of his hands with stone. Jo has never been a finesse player, but his hands seem to be broken this season. His hustle has picked up (still short of last season), but when he gets to a ball, it rarely ends up securely in his hands. Regardless the reason, Noah was subbed out with 4+ minutes left in the first in this contest and ended with less than 19 minutes, 4 points and 4 rebounds. He did mess up his thumb in the second, but he came back and said after the game that the x-rays were negative and he was fine. Let’s hope so.

The Enlightenment: Taj Gibson was a beast in this game. He started this season a bit slow, but has been coming on as of late. In 23:43, Taj had 9 points, 6 rebounds, and two blocked shots, but more than his stats, Taj was all over the place – contending every shot and rebound. … In my notes I wrote, “Bulls dominating broads.” It is possible that I intended to write that the Bulls dominated the “boards,” with a rebounding margin of 62-46, but I will stick with my original statement and think that the Bulls are pulling much more tail than the Wiz. … With a hot start, Luol Deng was getting early All-Star talk. Since that gathered momentum, Deng has been cold. He shot well against the T-Wolves, but other than that, Deng has been laying bricks and was 5-21 tonight. … Boozer, once again, had the Quote of the Night, with a “Dunk his ass!” on live TV when Luol went up for an uncontested dunk – raising the question: Who’s ass was he dunking on? … Newly signed PG, Mike James made his debut late in tonight’s game. He took all of ten seconds to throw up a shot. Let the Mike Jimmy era begin!

no Rose + victory in the third back of a back-to-back-to-back =

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