Game #9: Chicago Bulls 94 – Atlanta Hawks 109

Drink: Rolf Bird Dog

I am surprised I did not pull a Sucker Punch and walk out on this game.

Jesus, Mary mother of God. Sucker Punch was more amusing than this pile of horse poopy. Eh… alright, I am probably being a little dramatic there.

Any team can get up for the first quarter of a game. Even if you are playing your third back of a back-to-back-to-back and have played four overtimes in the last two games, you can get up for the first. With a smaller team like the ATL, not having two of your guards (Rip Hamilton & CJ Watson) is a more of a problem than going against traditional line-up. And… that is where the  excuses end. This was a shit show. I had a bad feeling going into it because the recipe for success was all too perfect. Yet, I did not expect this genocide-wrapped olive (I hate olives).

I hardly want to discuss this game. One stat will tell you everything about the Bulls: John Lucas III Esquire was their leading scorer with 16 points. Need another? 20 turnovers. Despite their early season success, the Bulls have been sloppy with the ball. Nothing went right with the Bulls tonight. Hell, it went so wrong that Josh Smith looked like an MVP lock. Yup, it was Josh Smith-MVP bad.

No, Noah, No: Remember the beginning of last season when Joakim Noah looked like a realistic All-Star candidate? Then he screwed up his thumb and has never looked the same. Sure his touch has been lacking since then, possibly understandable. What is not understandable is that his defense and hustle have seemed to dip. This off-season he worked on a hook shot. While it has only been nine games, it looks like he should ditch it. It is upsetting, as a Bulls and huge Noah fan, that at 26, he looks like a shadow of his former self. Am I overreacting? Probably. But at the same time I just spent over two hours watching a a giant turd blossom into diarrhea and feel like Jerry should at least pay a portion of my NBA League Pass after tonight’s effort ass stomping. And until I get that check, they earn the full three Cashes:

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3 Responses to Game #9: Chicago Bulls 94 – Atlanta Hawks 109

  1. PedroGnlz says:

    It was truly an awful game to watch.

    You’re not overreacting to Noah’s performance, I’m baffled to see this talented player –that’s getting payed with All-Star caliber money–not being able to score.

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