Game #8: Chicago Bulls 97 – Orlando Magic 83

Drink: Maker’s Mark, neat

Your Chicago Bulls offense confuses the living hell out of me. Periodically, as was the case early in this one, they drop into this stagnant half court offense, where Rose brings the ball up, drops it off on the perimeter, runs a lap around the baseline, gets the ball back on the perimeter, then – satisfied that half of the shot clock has run off – they start their set.

There is no question that their offense looks the best when Rose is pushing the ball up the court and creating confusion. Regretfully, this is not always an option, as even the laziest team will be able to get back after they make a free throw and position their D.

That leaves (what should be) Option B: Work an inside-out game and pass to cutting players, kicking it out to open perimeter players when there is not an open shot down low. Obviously, it is not as easy as that, but the Bulls surely made it look so for much of the first half. Later in the game, despite their day off, they looked sluggish and reverted back to Option Shit, which I described at the beginning of the post. They recovered from Option Shit and got it back inside, but proceeded to put on a clinic on how not to finish, to a comical extent. Luckily, they recovered enough to lock down the win.

I love Tommy Thibs: I give ole Thibby a lot of shit and praise him very little – I’d say a 24:1 shit to praise ratio. (It is my right as an NBA fan to make such judgement on a professional who has spent years going over tape and planning.) Therefore, when, with 4:47 in the game and the Bulls up by eight, Wile E Thibs put in a Boozer-Gibson front court (which closed the game) with Boozer(!) on Dwight, I scratched my head until it became bloody. Yet, it worked. Yes, they were quick to double Howard in most situations, alleviating the Boozer v Howard conundrum, and ended up winning by 14. However, the “I hate Thibs” side of me wants to question why the Magic/Van Gundy did not clear out one side of the court and run iso’s with Dwight, but I will fight that devil and give Thibs cred. [under my breath]: They did get some fortunate no-calls. Plus, they did not have much time to run this strategy, as the Bulls were able to stretch the lead shortly after the defensive powerhouse of Boozer-Gibson entered the dragon, or was it the octagon. Regardless, two teams entered and one left (with a win).

Kyle Korver in Fairy Land!

Dropping Knowledge: For all of us who are very hesitant to be convinced of Ronnie Brewer’s improved jumper, he went 1-6 from the field today. … Rose and Deng took back-to-back hits in the fourth tonight. Rose got knocked on his left arm (read: bad elbow-arm) and Deng took ding on his left hand or wrist. Both players are not known to pull Wade-dramatics, so let us all give good vibes to our soldiers. … Korver had a solid box score: 5-7 FGs (4-6 on threes) for 18 points and a team-best +14 +/-. I still hate him. Even with that box score, he had multiple defensive lapses (If you are going to going to foul Dwight, do not pat him down as if you were searching for a dime bag and let him make an easy bucket, take his arms away from the shot!) and he is not a good passer. Basically, for me to be content with Korver, he needs to have a box score like tonight’s. In fact, if he strings together a slew of games like this, I may be totally content with the jackass. … The ATL, Dirty, Dirty went to another overtime game tonight (after a 3 OT loss against the Heat last night) and host the Bulls tomorrow. Hooray, lockout! … Hey everyone, Thibs listened to all the cries and rested Rose – up by 15 with 33.9 seconds left! His banged-up elbow is probably all better now.

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2 Responses to Game #8: Chicago Bulls 97 – Orlando Magic 83

  1. Chris H says:

    I thought I saw Korv get a steal too, but checking the box score he had 3. you may be forced to fall in luv with him if he does that again

  2. Judas Pato says:

    He did have the steals and was periodically getting his arms out in passing lanes, but it becomes a push with his other defensive lapses. I will never love the doucher, that is up to all the white suburban chicks.

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