Game #7: Chicago Bulls 99 – Detroit Pistons 83

Drink: Big Bottom Whiskey, neat

Boozer misses a defensive assignment and Thibs gives him the stink eye.

I went into this game with the great idea of watching Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah, the “Twin Letdown” (Hiyo!), anytime they were on the court – focusing on them even off the ball. I was going to attempt to solve the riddle of, “What has $140 million in contracts and loves getting benched?” Well, that is not right, everyone knows the answer to that question. I was going for the “why?”

As it turns out, they looked rather decent – not completely up to their standards, but well enough. I read this almost prophetic read earlier today, in which Boozer is called a “frontrunner” (meaning a player who only shows up when it matters not and all is groovy). And what do you know, in front of hundreds of people in Detroit (Alright, I may be exaggerating – it was probably a cool hundred on the nose in the Motor City. Yet, that is only if you count the homeless dudes they let warm up in the upper deck.), Boozer put up 19 & 7. He was a little better than usual on D, but he gets caught up in watching the ball and not realizing that players move around him.

Noah had a solid 13 & 11, which is about what is his statistical potential. Yet, he did have five turnovers, a couple of which were poor. (Also, he attempts to thread the needle more than I would care for). Away from the stats, Noah could use work on his rotation D. His less than optimal rotating becomes all the more evident when Omer Asik comes in and writes a book on the subject.

It is tough to tell much from this game as the two were going against a developing talent, in Greg Monroe, and I believe a Swedish family sedan, in Jonas Jerebko.

Other than that, the game was one big boring team win. Where’s the drama? Rose may have hurt his elbow, but he seemed to shake it off. Hardly the TNT I am looking for.

One thing I would like to see is a little more Jimmy Butler. Bear with me here. I am not saying that Butler could be some kind of savior, but with CJ Watson missing time and Rip getting older (i.e. more injury prone) the Bulls could use depth in the back court. When the Bulls have an opportunity to get Butler some playing time – say, when they are up by double digits late against the Pistons and Thibs is keeping starters in there to get injured – I would like to see Butler get game experience. Just a thought.

Unrelated Epiphanies: Is it odd that when I see or hear Rodney Stuckey’s name, I always picture him working at a White Castle? Do they have White Castles in Detroit? …I imagine Celtics fans watch the Piston games to check up on where there team will be at in a few years. Why rebuild when you can slowly die into obscurity? …With Lucas now playing point for UDJTW, it will be interesting to see what “less than a totally inept offense” looks like. …Speaking of Lucas, he is listed as 5′ 11” and 29 years old. Surely these are Dominican baseball player numbers. The dude looks closer to 40 and five and a half – at best. …It would be interesting to see how many unpaid interns CSN actually has working for them. Neil Funk surely makes at least one, right? There has to be a few more who make sure that a few plays are missed each game. Are there others? Please fill me in if you know. …On a personal note, I have upgraded to drinking whiskey neat, a life-long dream. I thank everyone who helped me get to this pinnacle of drinking.

UPDATEVILLE: Rose is alright… maybe?

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