Game #5: Memphis Grizzlies 64 – Chicago Bulls 104

Drink: Buffalo Trace Bourbon, neat

Dear Current Makers of Music, Please study this cover and reproduce more of them. Thank You.

I had an epiphany earlier today to decorate my downstairs washroom with 80s heavy metal album covers (i.e. the apex of album covers). This led me to muting the game and blasting some Dio, Maiden, Megadeath, and others, while watching to the Bulls beatdown tonight. Never a big connoisseur of the genre, I found that the game went surprisingly well to the music.

After the Bulls started the season off to the witch west, many thought they would never, never, never come home. Alas, they did. The Bulls D made the Grizz see absolute horror early on in this contest. Rose was all, “Hello me, its me again,” as the Grizz learned to obey their master and that Rose was faster… FASTER! I mean Rose truly is the hand that writes then quickly moves away, the throw before the toss, if you will.

What's happening here? Oh yeah, everything that is awesome!

Zach Randolph fell down and went boom early on, at which point I predicted a 40-point win like some kind of f’n wizard. Too bad for the Bulls, CJ Watson also went boom as well.

This thing was the definition of a smoke show (if there was actually a definition of the term).  While changing playlists, John Lucas hit a few threes and Stacey King uttered, “Here’s Johnny!”  which reminded me of The Shining, and that made me smile. Then Maiden came on and the Grizz ran for the hills.

There is not much to say of this one. The Bulls seeked and destroyed the Grizz. If anything, maybe the biggest plot line was that naysayers from games one and two will shut their yaps for a bit.

I suppose that in the season of wither, the Bulls stood and delivered, were strong, laughed, shouted at the devil.

I leave you with the Citizen Kane of music videos:

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