Game #4: Chicago Bulls 114 – Lob City Clippers 101

Drink: Big Bottom Whiskey, rocks

I have always felt that if there was an identical twin to myself, it would be an ostrich.

Jesus Christos, this is not going to go well. The big wigs on TV decided to put a UFC appetizer on the plate before the Bulls main course. That does not bode well for a competent review from yours truly. You should probably stop reading right now.

Why are you still reading, you f’n masochist?

Horse puckey this puckey, I am going straight from my notes, as they do not all make a whole bunch ‘o sense. (post-notes comments will be in these bracket things that no one has ever come up name for)

First Quarter
Boozer guarding Blake is rather funny, they should probably change that. Da Rose! (not sure what that was in reference to, but I agree) End of the quarter, Clippers highlight reel = Bulls +1.

Second Quarter
The Clips play-by-play dude said, “the time,” with a pause in front of it, which reminded me of the PA guy in Purple Rain who said, “Ladies and gentlemen… the Time.” (makes sense) I hate Korver. (I do!)

Third Quarter
The Bulls should trade Boozer for Griffin. (They totally should! Man, that would be grand. Why don’t they do that?! That would be tits!) Noah loves fouls! Omer = hands of stone (Yup) Rose is neat. (I generally agree.)

Fourth Quarter
They got Griffined! (That sounds about right.) Noah loves fouls. (Yeah, what the hell is with the refs loving whistling 13?)

There you go, NB faithful, thus is your fourth game review(?).

About Judas Pato

Just another hard working member of the press, covering the Chicago Bulls and nonsense - often both, simultaneously.
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