Game #3: Chicago Bulls 108 – Sacramento Kings 98

Drink: Woodford Reserve, rocks

Boozer is surprised. You, me, and everyone else is not surprised that he is surprised.

This was one ornery/fun night for a Bulls fan. We saw the Bulls explode early in the first quarter, with suffocating D, Rose playing the aggressive game he promised, and (or in addition to) the transition offense that negates the awkward half court sets that have defined this young season.

The rest of the game? Well, the Kings remind me of the BD wing of my high school. The only difference is that – while growing pubes – I was afraid of that wing and – while an adult – the Kings are a dysfunctional blast to watch. For better or worst (entertainment-wise) the game decided to take on a Kings flavor.

The Bulls showed flashes of brilliance, mixed with times of total ineptitude. Hell, there was a point in the second quarter that I did not completely hate Korver. Who knew? There were also times in the second half that they picked up the transition offense that looked so sexy in the first. Boozer shook off his demons and hit a string of jumpers in the fourth, until the Kings started getting back into it, then he made friends with the rim again. (Although, he still had a very respectable 16&15 game.)

Moment of the Night: With 6:33 left in the game, The Jimmer drove to the basket and got in a pickle. At this point, The Beard (who was not even guarding Jimmer and was on the other side of the lane) clearly yelled, “Get the f@*% out of here!” It was so empyreal that I rewound it a half dozen times, especially so that Boozer was not even involved in the play! MotN Runner Up: DeMarcus seemed as if he had 8 personal fouls in two minutes in the fourth.

Other than Boozer clearly swearing on TV and the Bulls/Rose pushing on transition offense, I was happy to see Omer Asik looking like last year’s version of the same Turk. However, it did take him until the fourth to do so. Yet, he was very active and held together the D around the hole. I also like Watson’s swagger/beard this season. He seems to be playing with an added confidence.

When you add the NBA BD wing with the sloppiness (Oh yeah, Rose was particularly slip-slop-sloppity-doo!) of this adolescent season, you get a game that is a guck casserole. There is not much to make of it all, other than they are looking like they are still figuring out how to mend, jell, and look like a team that… well, won 62 games last year and are returning almost all of their key players. It is a tad of a head scratcher that they are not more cohesive. I am still reserving judgement.

Shit, I did not make a single reference in this post…

Chicken fucker!

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One Response to Game #3: Chicago Bulls 108 – Sacramento Kings 98

  1. On Da Booz swearin’ –> at least he got the f’n rebound 😀

    thx btw, didn’t catch that moment the first time. Had to use my free nba league pass trial to relive it. 🙂

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