Game #2: Chicago Bulls 91 – Golden State Warriors 99

Drink: Jameson, rocks

Yeah, Rose, that is actually the score.

More sloppy ball and a decided lack of microphone tricks by your Chicago Bulls resulted in a double digit deficit that the Warriors held for most of the game. It was so yucky and inconsistent that it took them until the later half of the fourth to start to grind, put together consecutive points, and gain rhythm. Golden State offered some match-up problems for the Bulls, and Chicago had their most success in the 4th with a line-up of Rose, Watson, Korver, Deng, and Taj. It was certainly a go-for-broke three point shooting line-up, but additionally, it was a quicker squad. I have a love/hate outlook on Thibs’ middle finger stance on who to put on the floor late in games. He certainly is not hesitant to sit starters in the fourth and improvise with a hodge podge unit, as was the case tonight. At times I would like to thank him for a funky time and willingness to go with match-ups and the hot hand. Other times, I am white-knuckled with rage and my body will never be the same. It probably comes down to the success of his decision (which gives you a glimpse of my wonderful foresightedness).

I still refuse to look much into these preseason early regular season games. They are far from their midseason stride. Yet, it may be interesting to think about the rock that was the Bogans D in the first quarter of games. The Monta/Curry combo gave the Bulls some headaches throughout this one.

Another ugly performance, unfortunately this one did not result in a win. For the second straight season, the Bulls fail to win in Oakland. At least this time I did not drop $150 on a ticket to see it happen. It can’t rain all the time.

I leave you with my favorite holiday song:

I enjoy the look on Prince’s face. It is as if he is as pissed at this performance as I am.

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Just another hard working member of the press, covering the Chicago Bulls and nonsense - often both, simultaneously.
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