Game #1: Chicago Bulls 88 – LA Lakers 87

Drink: Layer Cake Malbec

4th-quarter Deng was the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla!

I’s warns’d ya, its gonna be sloppy in the early on. Holy Jesus Christos, I imagined any Bulls fan with a heart condition who watched that 3rd quarter (and most of the fourth) is no longer with us. So it goes.

If you missed the game: Rip was not the savior to the offense, the arc on Rose’s three was looking lovely, Luol Deng sported his Road Warrior cut, Rip and Noah fouled anything that moved, and Mitch Kupchak had a very uncomfortable interview about being a GM.

There is not a whole bunch to discuss about this game. It was hideous. At times I would have rather been watching Sucker Punch. Alright, I was being a bit dramatic there. It was trying at times, I wanted to chew on a dog for most of the second half, but then the end happened and everything was sublime. We were all, “Yippie, the NBA is back!” Derrick Rose had a quiet 22 (more than half through threes), yet still dazzled with a one-handed floater to win the game. Deng looked like hell for most of the game, but more than Rose’s floater, won the game with his lanky-ass body. He was beautiful in crunch time, and for that, Deng, I take back all of those expletives I threw at you for most of the game.

At least the Bulls roster cost less than this diarrhea.

Oh yeah, and Korver played almost ten minutes. I have yet to figure out how that happened. If he hits his threes then he possibly has a case to be on the court. If not, then he is about as useful as the Bulls #2 mascot, Mr. Scalabrine. And Ricky Henderson would like you to know that it is Ricky Henderson’s birthday.

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Just another hard working member of the press, covering the Chicago Bulls and nonsense - often both, simultaneously.
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