National Rip Day is Here!

"Well, let's play chess."

Running with a tweet from the Tribune’s Bulls writer, I can confidently say that I am pretty sure the Bulls signed Richard Hamilton. Rip is supposedly due to visit the Berto Center tonight to talk to Coach Thibodeau. He is expected to walk up to the media and say, “Excuse me while I whip this out,” then pull out his brand new two-year, $10 million contract with your Chicago Bulls. Presumably he will practice with the team tomorrow and possibly play in Friday’s game.

If you are keeping tabs that is a “pretty sure” signing, “supposedly” visit, “expected” media talk, “presumably” practice, and a “possibly” play. It is the bold language that you have come to expect from this outstanding news source. Ka-Pow!

UPDATEVILLE: Bulls have made the official announcement on their website. Rip is a Bull. Genuflect before our savior!

My thoughts on Rip can be summed up with: It was the best readily available option out there. Out of the unrestricted free agents, I liked Rip the best – and he came cheaper than the other options. Arron Afflalo was probably a better fit, but as a restricted free agent, he was unlikely (especially with his teammates locked in the socialist paradise of China). The only options (rumored to be possible) I genuinely liked more were Monta Ellis (would have cost a pretty penny or a Brasher doubloon) or possibly OJ Mayo (depending on what was sacrificed).

If Rip can recall some of his glory years, defeat Mongo, and save Rock Ridge, then he will be a significant asset to the Bulls. Hell, even if he can recall any part of them (maybe the part where he tricks the towns folk into thinking he is holding himself up) he will not hurt them and provides a veteran presence – especially with Brewer and Korver waiting in the wings. Unless he is a total bust, like Hedley Lamarr, I think he improves the team.

Side Notes:
– Then there are the larger issues:

But I really do not see the point. Just reverse the numbers and give Rip #23. Then everyone is happy.

– Earlier in the day, Rip tweeted that his signature was down to three teams. Imagined or not, it will be interesting to see if these teams surface in the next few days.

– Why is the media talking about something called a “CP3” instead of Rip?!

– And finally, Rejoice, it is National Rip Day!

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