Nexus 6 Shooting Guard Search: Jamal Crawford

Until the Bulls answer their shooting guard needs (or free agency ends, fruitless), each day NB will be taking a look at potential candidates to be the Bulls Nexus 6 shooting guard.

He really did it. You maniac! Stop shooting the ball! God damn you all to hell!

Up: Jamal can put the biscuit in the basket. He is a player who can get hot and blow up…

Down: or get cold, be undeterred by his coldness, and miss and miss and miss and miss, ad infinitum. Jamal can be a black hole on on the offensive end – a player who never met a shot he did not like and a pass he ever cared for. Oh hell, did I mention defense? Probably better that I didn’t – Jamal would prefer it that way.

Nexus 6? I remember loving Jamal’s game (and headband, before it was popular – he also liked the Stokes before they were cool) when he played for Michigan and then being totally amped when the Bulls traded for him (for future Lakers’ great Chris Mihm). Since those early days, Crawford has shot the ball a whole bunch. Do not get me wrong, he can score – but he can also miss.

Roy Batty Says: C’mon, Deckard. I’m right here, but you’ve gotta shoot straight!

Verdict: I’ll shoot straight with you, Roy. While Jamal can score some buckets – and that is what the Bulls need at the two guard – he is not a good fit with the Bulls. If I have been too subtle in this post, I will be frank, Jamal likes to shoot… and little else. Jamal would add a much needed shooter, but he offers no defense and shoots too much. I would not mind him as a bench option, but don’t we already have a player with shooting ability and no defense in Korver? (Granted, Jamal does not need to run around a world of screens to get a shot off.) It is important to remember in this shooting guard search that the Bulls could use an upgrade in the two guard position, but that does not necessarily mean that they need to sign a two guard. Additionally, it has been suggested that they may have to ship Brewer in a sign-and-trade? I am not sure I would even want him as a free agent.

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