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  • DJ HatesYou, pondering the new schedule and smoking a pipe full of cloves.

    Note Bulljive is back!

  • The NBA schedule was released tonight. The Bulls have a wonderfully difficult stretch to open up the season. After a four game road trip to kick off the season, the Bulls soon after have a run of seven games in nine nights. And then there is that pesky nine game road trip (beginning with Miami and ending with Boston) over late January and early February. Yet, the NBA decided on this crackpot schedule, cramming as many games as possible, so it is not going to be an easy road for any team. As the old saying goes, money makes the world go around and runs players into the ground. We can only hope that the playoffs still take five months to complete this season. Stay tuned for the prophesy of DJ HatesYou.
  • Oh yeah, they play Miami four times, twice in April – which should be a tasty playoff preview – and make every Bulls fan hate the Heat that much more.
  • Caron Butler met with the Bulls yesterday and others have been contacted, i.e. Jason Richardson, Jamal Crawford, etc. The Bulls are going to keep all of their options open, so expect them to contact any possible shooting guard possibilities that are possible… even the possibly playable Vince Carter.
  • It has been reported that the Trail Blazers are not going to amnesty Brandon Roy, instead waiting for the next time his health goes south, then pulling the trigger. Talk about adding insult to injury. I kind of like this amnesty thing. It is like a giant middle finger that owners have readily available for players like Roy.
  • Hoopspeak reminds us that, hey, the Bulls are not all bad without a new shooting guard. Like I said before, they were much closer in the Eastern Conference Finals than the 4-1 final suggests.
  • Go suck an egg!

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