Nexus 6 Shooting Guard Search: Jason Richardson

Until the Bulls answer their shooting guard needs (or free agency ends, fruitless), each day NB will be taking a look at potential candidates to be the Bulls Nexus 6 shooting guard.

Being 31, Richardson is much more excited about finding a seat than driving to the basket.

Up: Definitely a perimeter threat on offense, Richardson hit threes at a 39% clip last season. The wily veteran is also a solid defender with some size (6’6″). Coming into free agency as an unrestricted free agent, Richardson is readily available and would not cost the Bulls any players.

Down: He is no longer the Richardson of old, just an older Jason. At 31, his ability to still drive to the basket is questionable. Richardson is most likely in the period of his career where he is a catch-and-shoot player on offense.

Nexus 6? Jason “Rice Cakes” Richardson is never going to be accused of being the most exciting option to fill the Bulls two guard needs. There is not a whole lot of mystery in what you are getting with the veteran guard. The bigger question is whether or not he is much of an upgrade. Is adding a shooting guard who is (possibly) a bit more offensively savvy worth doing at all?

Roy Batty Says: I had in mind something a little more radical.

Verdict: Yeah, Roy, I would pass. The Bulls have a great core. What they really need a second option, not another third option – which is what I see in Richardson. I do not see him as a major improvement compared to what they have now: Brewer is a better defender, Korver is a better shooter, and Bogans is much more named Keith than Richardson will ever be. It is a low risk acquisition and, as such, there is not a whole bunch of reward. It is a totally vanilla pick-up.

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