Nexus 6 Shooting Guard Search: Monta Ellis

Until the Bulls answer their shooting guard needs (or free agency ends, fruitless), each day NB will be taking a look at potential candidates to be the Bulls Nexus 6 shooting guard.

Oddly, this picture of Phoebe Cates came up while searching for a picture of Monta Ellis. Yet, it is fitting, as it aptly sums up my feelings of the Monta coming to the Bulls.

Up: Lordy, the upside of the Monta? Boy howdy, this cat score! Brotherman can go off like an a-bomb on offense. Out of the rumored players (however far-fetched) to fill the two spot, the Monta is the top offensive threat to play alongside Rose. With Rose on the bench, Ellis can easily slide into the point, giving the Bulls a more dynamic rotation. Plus, there are the intangibles: a) Bringing the Monta into Chicago, instantly puts the city #1 in tattoos per capita. b) His name is “Monta,” fer chrissake!

Down: Not exactly the complete player, the Monta’s defense is sub par. Measuring in at 6’3″, the pairing with Rose (6’3″ as well) would make for a small back court, further creating defensive mismatches. Oh yeah, and there is that part that Mr. Ellis is not a free agent. Ergo, the Bulls would have to give up some talent to land him.

Nexus 6? The idea of having a true “number one” play as the Bulls second option is orgasmic. Assuming the Bulls could acquire the Monta and keep the rest of their starting line-up means their offense goes from… how to I put this kindly… trying (?) to overwhelming. Having the Monta on the perimeter with Rose opens up the front court, creating opportunities for Boozer, Deng, and Noah – all of which are apt at putting ball in basket. On the flip side (possibly more so than Nick Young) the D becomes very questionable with two 6’3″ guards holding down the perimeter – especially with Boozer still trying to finish his copy of How to Look Remotely Interested in Defense. And of course there is the question of how exactly the Bulls acquire the Monta. Bleacher Report suggests that the Bulls could swap Omer, Brewer, and Korver for the Monta. As grand of a luxury it is to have a rising bigman coming off the bench, I have to imagine if this deal were possible, a press conference introducing the Monta would be in the works right now (Damn the rules!). Regardless of the trade terms, the Bulls would have some roster spots to fill.

Roy Batty Says: You’d better get it up, or I’m gonna have to kill you!

Verdict: Yeah, Roy, I agree with you, they should go for the Monta. When it comes to the Monta, I am a little more irrational assessing the good and bad, for the excitement that he would bring to this team would be enough to keep our younger generation’s MTV-short-attention-span watching a full 48 minutes of basketball. To stay rational, we have ask those pesky questions of defense and the players we would have to offload to acquire the tattoo’d beauty. In the end, it is all about the playoffs – i.e. a shorter rotation and having the most talent on the floor – meaning you have to consider if the metric-shit-ton of offense the Monta provides outweighs the negatives. Even if it does not, it would be a hole bunch ‘o fun to watch, warranting two Reagans:

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2 Responses to Nexus 6 Shooting Guard Search: Monta Ellis

  1. Any thoughts on the Bulls going after Dwight Howard for Noah and Boozer/Deng? As much as I love Noah, I would support this trade…if it wasn’t for Howard being a little bitch whenever fouls are occasionally called on him.

  2. Judas Pato says:

    Wise men say only fools rush in, and you always nab a true superstar (meaning the absolute elite handful of players in the league) whenever possible. Ergo, do anything – short of Derrick Rose – to get Howard. Yet, my gut goes against this logic. The Bulls seem so close (if not there already) to grabbing the title that the major roster change it would take to land Howard is too risky. Do not get me wrong, the idea of pairing up Howard and Rose would be insane, but what is the supporting cast after such a move? My money would have them trading for a top (read: the Monta) shooting guard to round out what would be the best starting five in the NBA.

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