Nexus 6 Shooting Guard Search: Nick Young

Until the Bulls answer their shooting guard needs (or free agency ends, fruitless), each day NB will be taking a look at potential candidates to be the Bulls Nexus 6 shooting guard.

Nick Young is a killer, diller, chiller, thriller here tonight (on offense)!

Up:Nick Young had his breakout year last season. Blooming like an onion, his fourth year in the league saw him averaging 17.4 points over 31.8 minutes. Standing at 6’7″, he brings some size to the two guard position and has a very respectable 38.3% career average from beyond the arc. Young has the prospects to be that second explosive scorer the Bulls are looking for.

Down: Seen as a defensive liability and could be a possible headcase. He is a restricted free agent, whom Washington is keen on keeping. Acquiring him would most likely mean a trade, as the Wiz will doubtlessly match any offer the Bulls throw out there (i.e. the Bulls’ $5 million mid-level exception).

Nexus 6? The idea of having Young play alongside Rose in the back court is a tasty like bloomin’ onion. Replacing the current slew of mediocre two guards with a player who can handle the ball and hit shots makes Bulls fans’ mouths water as if they were dipping fried onions into a savory sauce. Is he too much of a defensive liability on a team built around defense? Possibly. While the Bulls play great help defense, having him and Boozer on the floor may be a bit too porous, which is about as tempting as a lesser fried veggie (say okra?). Maybe they can rotate Young with Taj, keeping some defensive integrity? There is a bit of a question of character. Nick is like that guy who eats some of the bloomin’ onion, but when it comes time to pay the bill, he is all, “I never order that.” Weak. And as much as the Bulls triumphed on defense, they also had a great chemistry last season – sharing the onion and its cost. Yet, coming into an organization that is rigid and modeled around the work ethic of Rose, may just be what matures Young. Finally, trading/signing a player who is coming off of a breakout year is always a potentially bad contract. And what would the trade package possibly be? Certainly it would not be as easy as going to the Outback and ordering a Nick Young off of the menu.

Roy Batty Says: Gosh, you’ve… really got some nice toys here.

Verdict: Yes, Roy, he definitely brings some nice toys to Bulls. Young is up there (alongside pipe-dream Monta Ellis) with the sexiest options for the Bulls. He is a big, scoring threat that would help open the court for Derrick Rose. But while offense is a lot of fun to watch, we are always told defense gets the onion. Plus, the chemistry question is worrisome. My eyes want to see the explosive guard suit-up next to Rose, my brain, less so (especially if it means giving up Taj or Omer):

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