Nexus 6 Shooting Guard Search: Caron Butler

Until the Bulls answer their shooting guard needs (or free agency ends, fruitless), each day NB will be taking a look at potential candidates to be the Bulls Nexus 6 shooting guard.

Can Tough Juice bring the seventh trophy to the UC?

Up: Most importantly, his nickname is Tough Juice, which is an inmeasurable intangible. Beyond that, Caron is proven veteran and brings size with his 6’7″ frame. While proving solid D, his offense was what was crucial to the Mavs early run last season. When he went down, many questioned whether Dallas’ title shot went with it. While the Mavs still took the crown, Caron’s cred cannot be questioned…

Down: …but his knees certainly can be. If you did not know who Butler was and looked at his medical history, you would probably be searching for a man in a wheelchair and not a professional basketball player. Additionally, at 31 (ancient in the sports world) he is coming off a major season-ending knee injury. And while a nice offensive complement, he is not the strongest of shooters.

Nexus 6? Watching the Mavs early in the season last year, it was hard to miss the contribution that Butler provided. I very much agreed with those who thought the Mavs were done when his knee gave out. Butler would fit well into the Bulls rotation. Although he is a true small forward, Butler would give the Bulls a more dynamic line-up – changing between the two and three, while giving Deng some much needed rest. Yet, this only holds true for the regular season. In the playoffs, the rotation gets smaller and you need the most talent on the floor. Does Caron really boost the overall talent level much and give Rose that most coveted second option? With Butler, there are too many downsides and he really does not solve anything in the playoffs – which is obviously the Bulls focus. Plus, the Bulls already have some players made of glass, they probably do not need another. Finally (and possibly most important), another team will probably offer him more and there is not a great record in the history of sports of players taking less money.

Roy Batty Says: Questions… Morphology? Longevity? Incept dates?

Verdict: I agree, Roy, too many questions, not enough answers. I give Tough Juice one Reagan:

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