No Bulljive Part 5: A New Beginning

Hear ye, hear ye! From this day forth, No Bulljive is changing formats. Now don’t get all sappy; I’ll explain. There are a few reasons for this turn of events: 1. NB was meant to be a one-year experiment from its conception (it is a nasty little secret that I kept). 2a. Reviewing every mother-lovin’ Bulls game and posting any and everything news-worthy is a daunting task to add to a 40-hour work week and strict drinking problem. 2b. The constant upkeep of NB has resulted in other writing projects becoming neglected, longing for the sweet love I provided to them in the past.

Ergo, No Bulljive will no longer be a Chicago Bulls-exclusive site. Rather, the merry guild at NB will write about any topic they choose to see fit and – more importantly – will post whenever the hell they feel like it. Yes, this flies in the face of reason number one above, but I enjoy writing and there are some thoughts still rolling around in my skull that I would like to get to you, the little people of the burden.

I am looking forward to this new chapter of bulljiveness. The first chapter taught me many lessons. First and foremost is that you can completely exclude sex from your website, yet searches like “sex violent airlines” (and many others, just as bizarre) will still lead seekers to your site – only to be very disappointed, I assume. I cannot wait to discover the new knowledge the interweb will throw my way.

The original NB brought the most in depth and cutting edge drunken Bulls reporting found on the information super highway. It will be missed, but a new page has paged. As they say, booze is the spice of life. And to that, I raise my glass of Bourbon and cheers, “Renovate and build another one.”

About Judas Pato

Just another hard working member of the press, covering the Chicago Bulls and nonsense - often both, simultaneously.
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