Note Bulljive

  • So that “strained muscle” in Omer Asik’s leg ended up being a fractured fibula. No big whoop, I am always getting those two confused as well. Seeing as how the Heat have wheeled out broken players Udonis Haslem and Mike Miller, I believe they should give Sloth another chance. Haslem and Miller have spent time being Bulls killers this series, so why not a broken Turk? Instead, the Bulls have shutdown the back-up center for the rest of the season (or one game, depending on your point of view). On the plus side, Omer’s injury will not require surgery. I’ll drink to that!
  • Tom Thibodeau would not commit to playing Kurt Thomas in the injured Asik’s stead for Game 5. The coach said that it will all depend on match-ups and that the Bulls could be going to smaller, quicker line-ups in lieu of using a traditional center at all times (as they did Tuesday night).
  • Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra revealed that Mike Miller has been playing through a

    Mike Miller prepares for Game 5

    raptured ruptured tendon in his left thumb. I guess that explains at least some of the Crow-esque electrical tape he has wrapped around his fingers.

  • Tom “I ran two consecutive isolation plays coming out of time-outs” Thibodeau is none too pleased with the refs silence on Da Rose’s drives. Says the Thibs, “He has not been able to get to the line like we thought he would. There’s a lot of contact, and he hasn’t gotten the calls.” As the Bulls go for broke tonight, expect the MVP to drive right through that wall the Heat have been building. Playing at home, after the coach calls out the refs is a fine recipe for Rose free throws.
  • On Tuesday night I broke out the classic NB Rob Roy. Tonight it shall be the timeless NB Martini. Cause, if you gotta go, go with smile!
  • RC, I will probably grab something quick at Smith’s to eat, any suggestions? 

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Just another hard working member of the press, covering the Chicago Bulls and nonsense - often both, simultaneously.
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  1. BullsBlogger says:

    “No big whoop, I am always getting those two confused as well.”


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