Conference Finals, Game #3: Chicago Bulls 85 – Miami Heat 96

Drink: Yellow Tail Merlot

Scott Pilgrim was on HBO2 right after the Bulls game ended. That was by far the best part of the game. There was no point in which I was confident in the Bulls winning this contest. Meanwhile, Scott Pilgrim has a ton of NES references and clever humor.

Chris Bosh clearly unimpressed by Derrick Rose going no-hands.

The defense was intense on both ends of the floor, which is expected in this series. The Bulls offense was sub-par again, which unfortunately may now be expected as well. The Heat are trapping Rose very well and are allowing him few opportunities to the lane. The way the Bulls need to exploit this defensive scheme is to use their strength of inside passing. Both Noah and Boozer are excellent interior passers and there were times that they used this to their advantage. The Bulls should use Noah in the mid-post, where he gets the ball in the heart of the Heat’s defense and can distribute in the passing lanes. Boozer can do the same. They also need to take advantage of the fast breaks they create. Normally this is not a problem for them. Yet in this game they failed to convert some fast breaks to easy points. However, credit must be given to the Heat’s athletic defense, which got back in a hurry.

What makes their offensive woes even more frustrating is that Carlos Boozer had great game (26 pts, 17 rebs). Boozer has taken the most criticism for the Bulls’ lack of spark on offense. After starting 0-5, Boozer became more aggressive and the focal point of the attack. It was the Boozer we all expected when he signed.

If there ever was a tactic that back-fired, it was that of trash talking. This was employed by both Taj Gibson and Keith Bogans. Taj first tried this with Chris Bosh, only to awaken the latter’s game. The same was tried with Bogans on Wade, with the same result.

If never looking strong and losing by 11 to give the Heat a 2-1 series lead was not bad enough, Omer Asik left the game after landing on Rose’s foot, in what is being called a leg sprain. More should become clear after the Bulls staff gets a better look at it. Hopefully it is something the Turk can play through, as Thibs has recently looked to Sloth over Noah to close out games.

The Bulls now get one day of rest before facing the Heat for a critical Game 4. They are going to need to find some answers on offense if they are going to have a chance to come home tied up at two apiece. Remember, the Bulls have not lost three in a row all season.

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