Note Bulljive

  • Getting booed is plain no fun. Neither is watching the highest paid player on a team look like the fourth best starter on the court. How does he sleep at night? As Rainier Wolfcastle said, “On top of a big pile of money with many beautiful ladies.” The hot/dumb story of yesterday was the booing of Carlos Boozer. Joakim Noah stuck up for him, saying that the fans need to “support everyone of us,” and that Boozer is giving it all while playing through an injury. That is all well and good, but the fans have chosen the name to their pain, and it is the Batman Boozer. Rose is the golden child of this team. Regardless how many missed shots he has, fans will forgive him. Ergo, if the Bulls lose and The Beard has a sub par game, he will bear the brunt of the fans’ scrutiny. Welcome to the role Pippen played for years, Booz.
  • Quote of the Week Award goes to the ATL’s Jamal Crawford. Talking about Game 2, the bird said, “If that’s their best shot, we’re in good shape.” I think every Bulls fan can agree that Wednesday’s game was about as pretty and solid of a game that the Bulls are capable of playing. Looks like we are in some trouble.
  • Be careful for what you ask for, y’all. Kyle Korver had a woeful game on Wednesday. And the thing is, when dude ain’t hitting, he is useless. Korver is a defensive liability (as we all know), but he is usually able to make up for it by spreading the floor and hitting 3s. When he has a game like the last, you may find yourself calling for Bogans or (more likely) Brewer, as Korver misses assignments and gets smoke showed on the defensive end.
  • The story of this series will continue to be the health of Rose and Boozer. It is clear that both are hurting. The Bulls are fortunate to have a viable option for Boozer, in one Taj Gibson. When it comes to Rose, um… hopefully Rose’s ankle is improving and he starts to get to the rim more often and/or he finds his shot. Tonight’s game is pivotal for the series. It is not some “must win” (one of the stupidest phrases in sports), yet the Bulls can retake the series momentum and home-court advantage with a win.

In honor of Joelseppi, I leave you with Dio:

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