Round #2, Game #2: Atlanta Hawks 73 – Chicago Bulls 86

Drink: Parker’s Estate Sauvignon Blanc

Fess Parker is the namesake for the wine I drank for this one. Mr. Parker played Davy Crockett in the television series of the same name, and was dubbed “King of the Wild Frontier.” That was ever so suiting, for “wild” was an apt adjective for tonight’s contest – a simple glance at the score will tell you as much. We ain’t talking, “That cat is wild,” more, “Wow, that is some wild and sloppy ball going on.”

Noah wills the ball in the hoop.

Surprise, surprise, the game started out slowly for your Chicago Bulls. It is ever so frustrating that a team who had the best record in the regular season continually struggles to come out of the gates like they give a shit. Another sad element of the game that became readily apparent was that Dick Stockton was announcing again. I had a flashback to when I was watching a game with Wesley Willis and he commented on how Dick Stockton could “suck a camel’s ass.” I could not agree anymore with my late, great friend. It was great to see Rose top his free throw margin from all of the first game with a free throw six minutes in.

The Bulls were giving up the lane and back-door cuts early in this one. In fact, it was the only reason the ATL was even in this game. The Bulls were D-ing up shots and the Hawks were missing them. Go figure, a team that lives and dies by the jumper, hit 51% from the field last game and went 34% tonight. That is what goes down when jumpers are your game.

The 13-point final margin hardly told the story. After letting the lane be laned early, the Bulls really locked down on D. And for as poor as the ATL was shooting, it is surprising the final was a close as it was.

After being honored with the KIA MVP Trophy brought to you by KIA, for KIA, and KIA über alles, Rose (He is a rockstar!) had another bad shooting night (10-27 FG). He looked great going to the rim, but you wonder how healthy that ankle is. Why shoot so many J’s? He was 4-6 from the charity stripe. While better than the goose egg he had in the first game, you would like to see him at the line (aka driving) more.

Oh yeah, this game was ugly. At times in the fourth quarter you had to do the whole cover-your-eyes-and-peek-through-them at times like you were a cartoon dog. Who does that play to? One Joakim “19pts & 14rebs” Noah (He could really knock it out!). It was sloppy as all get-out, but the W said it all in the end. And for the record, I fully expect them to take the next three games.

P.S. Boozer still blows goats.

Rock over London, ROCK ON CHICAGO…

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2 Responses to Round #2, Game #2: Atlanta Hawks 73 – Chicago Bulls 86

  1. Dan Sully says:

    I fully agree. Man, Noah’s skill set is limited but he certainly is one of the few out there who looks FIRED up. That guy has swag and hustle. Rose’s ankle worries me. He’s just not driving and we can hit jumpers and pass to Korver all day against the Hawks, but we’re not getting by the Heat without DRose in the paint.

    Boozer for Comptroller 2008. Bung.

  2. Judas Pato says:

    I think Boozer and Rose both are hurting much more than we see. Boozer is not even yelling out there. Something must be amiss.

    Korver had an awful game. Plus, when he is not hitting 3s, he is basically useless. He was a major defensive liability out there (which is normal) and he was giving nothing on the other end. When fans keep calling for him to be out there, they need to have some perspective.

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