Note Bulljive

  • The Bulls have their second round playoff schedule set. I am a little disappointed that the NBA could not find a way to stretch it out to a month-long series.
  • Northern Nigeria really needs to accept Goodluck Jonathan as the president. Everyone is hailing that election as one of the most fair African elections ever. I am personally doing my part by sending my bank account info to a Nigerian Prince. Come on, North, the fedora-wearing pres is the Danny Gans real deal!
  • And this descending dollar has really got me down. It is putting a huge damper on planning a trip abroad and spending money on stupid shit.
  • This is a great wrap-up of Danny Granger’s “dirty” comments about Joakim Noah. “To keep things from getting too 1989 Pistons.” Love it.
  • The Empire Man died yesterday. If you have not lived in the Chicagoland area, just know that the man was a legend.
  • Remember that scene in Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me with David Bowie? (If you have not seen the movie, click on the link, that is all you really need from it.) That scene is awesome. Too bad him and Prince never did a movie together in the 80’s. Actually it is probably better for my health that they did not, because if my head did not explode while watching it, my liver would have surely been done in by now from drinking to that movie.
  • This is your (methed-out) competition, Bulls fan:

Ed. Note: It is a slow day for Chicago Bulls news. However, it is an even slower day for Judas Pato at work.

About Judas Pato

Just another hard working member of the press, covering the Chicago Bulls and nonsense - often both, simultaneously.
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