Round #1, Game #3: Chicago Bulls 88 – Indiana Pacers 84

Drink: NB Manhattan; Four Peaks Kilt-lifter

Joga Bonito this was not. If you didn’t see this game, I’ll sum it up

Hedley: “Qualifications Pacers?”

Pacers: “Rape, murder, arson and rape.”

Hedley: “You said rape twice.”

Pacers: ” I really like rape.”

That about does it. The Pacers hacked the ever living f^@k out of the Bulls tonight, and apparently to Pat Riley wanna be ref it didn’t matter at all. Rose didn’t see the Pacers face for forty eight minutes tonight, as they Rodney’d him all night, and there was indeed no escape from there for D Rose.

Rose was held to basically nothing in the second half, showcasing the cheaters strategy to a great effect. You know, in fact, aside from the last shot he took I don’t even know if he scored at all in the fourth. Deng was able to make things right in some capacities, but overall this looked like the 2004 Bulls playing a grab bag Clippers team from pick-any-fugging-year.

Some might say fellow reviewer Judas Pato has been too harsh on the Bulls this playoffs. I challenge anyone thinking this to critically analyze ANY of these last three games.

Hint, you will need this:

So I’ll stop boring you because if you’re like me, you take this win and get the hell out of town as fast as possible. Which is what I’ll do.

See you Saturday! Possibly maybe. Sorta Kinda.

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One Response to Round #1, Game #3: Chicago Bulls 88 – Indiana Pacers 84

  1. Judas Pato says:

    Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, AND Adriano all slim and trim?! My, my, I do not believe my eyes!

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