Food Around the Corner, Food Around the Corner

For whatever reason, the Bulls heading downt the icy death trap that is I-65 reminds me of that flea who terrorized Elmer Fudd’s dog while singing “Food Around the Corner.” Hopefully, as they are making their trip down, they have cleared their heads and are ready to come out strong against the Pacers tomorrow night. I know I have cleared up my head. Since Monday’s game, I have sobered up, given the game some thought, drank some more, sobered up again, discussed the game with others, and am  now ready to give my wonderful insight.

There definitely seems to be a lack of effort/interest on the part of the Bulls. Slow starts is something that plagued them during stretches of the regular season, and the first two games have seen this trend rear its ugly head once again. Derrick Rose usually starts the game as a provider and then gets more aggressive as the game continues. If he instead, starts out aggressive, the Pacers’ D will have to collapse on him, thus opening up the perimeter. He does not need to stay aggressive the whole time, but by showing some of it early, his role as a facilitator will become much easier.

Assuming some Bulls fan has not taken a club to one of Bogans’ knees before the game, it is likely he will start – just like he has for 84 games this season. The only fans his start will please are of the Pacer variety. Bogans has looked poor in the first two games. Plus, the Pacers are throwing their crappy defenders on him, rotating the more apt ones on Rose. Yet, reality being what it is, I do not see anyone in Bogans’ stead come tip-off. Thibs is very much a “don’t tinker with a winning formula” type of coach and he will give Bogans the nod. I have to agree with him on this one. It has been two bad games by him, which is not yet a trend.

As for the bench, Thibs was all too quick to drop the ax on my favorite Turk, Omer Asik, while limiting Taj Gibson’s minutes as well. Seeing as how the Bulls were playing from behind in both games, I assume Thibs was going for more offense with Boozer over Taj. I hope this changes if and when the Bulls play with a lead. The move to yank Sloth is hopefully a match-up issue, because if the Bulls are expecting Kurt Thomas to match up against Dwight Howard (if the Bulls and Magic both advance), then they could be in for a rude awakening. Regardless of Danny Glover’s years of experience on the LAPD, he is very limited physically and has no business being in the game against an athletic big man.

And some of you may have noticed that Rose is largely doing it by himslef on the offensive end. Boozer helped out much more in Game 2, but it was still Rose throwing this team on his back. It is time for others to step up like Channing Tatum and become a threat. For as bomb-ass as Rose is, it is too much to expect him to do it every game. (I’m looking at you, Deng.)

Luckily for the Bulls, the Pacers’ Conseco Fieldhouse should provide a less than hostile atmosphere for the Bulls. The Bulls’ fans have traveled very well this year, and Indianapolis is a short jaunt for them. It is also kind of sad that a once proud organization is unable to fill the stands with their own fans. Actually, no it ain’t. Let the M-V-P chants rain down on ’em!

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Just another hard working member of the press, covering the Chicago Bulls and nonsense - often both, simultaneously.
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