Note Bulljive

  • After that heaping portion of humble pie that the Pacers served up Saturday morn, the Bulls return to the court tonight for Game 2. With the Bulls’ poor play, everyone has already called for vast changes, i.e. send Keith Bogans to his room without supper & hang, draw, and quarter Carlos Boozer. Yet, we must not forget that the Bulls have been playing mostly the same way (yes, that means starting Bogans) this season to the tune of 62 regular season wins. In my much respected and honored opinion, it is time to change nothing and see where it takes us. My guess is (still) that it will lead to a four game sweep of Indiana (the state and the team).
  • This is very cool. I remember listening to “On the Run” by Pink Floyd being played for the visiting team’s intro and just thinking it was some cheesy tune the Bulls staff put together. It was not until years later I heard it on the radio and my mind was blown that it was a real song, and by a respected group, no less.
  • I usually do not like to get ahead of myself and look past the present, to assess future competition, but the below link (via Hanner) is an… um, an interesting (?) take on the Heat and Celts. Mare Bear is here to breakdown theses two teams. I sense that Mare had a few cocktails before analyzing the Bulls competition, and for that, NB salutes you!

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Just another hard working member of the press, covering the Chicago Bulls and nonsense - often both, simultaneously.
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