Game #80: Chicago Bulls 102 – Orlando Magic 99

Drink: Gin, soda

“How you say, ‘perfect plan’?” The thing about perfect plans is that they are not always perfect, which leaves one to wonder why they even call them that. Thus is the story of my perfect plan to watch this game at a titty bar. We called Sapphire Gentleman’s Club to make sure there was a drink special for Sunday, and off we went. Only to get there and find out all the girls were off and only employees where left at the bar, drinking it up. Huge bouncer-dude told us Spearmint Rhino’s was the place to go, quote, “That is usually where we go after we get off of work.” Codester questioned taking advice from a dude who works in a strip club and goes to a different strip club when he gets off, but we went to the Rhino regardless, assured by bouncer-dude that they had plenty of TVs. After paying the $22 cover, we enter Rhino’s and quickly discover that all the TVs are in sections that are closed. The perfect plan was ruined. Luckily, I had some foresight and recorded the game on the DVR.

This game featured some poor Bulls defense. Yet, it also featured some great ball movement by the Magic. It is no secret that the Magic are built around one Dwight Howard. Said Dwight Howard was suspended for this contest, meaning that the Bulls should have an easy go for this one. Yet, the Magic played way better team ball without Howard. The passing by the Magic was something to behold. Instead of the standard dump-it-down-to-Howard system, they made the extra pass or five and found open shooters. In addition to the great passing, they were nailing shots. All of this led to a game that was much closer than expected.

This is about how well Da Rose was guarded, odd choice.

What was less than surprising was the domination of Da Rose. Rose put on a smoke show like none other today. The only part of the smoke show that was a bit quizzical was that he only scored 39. It was clear that no one else was stepping up on offense and that Rose could have his way with the Magic defense, yet he seemed hesitant at times. Yes, I know, Rose dropped 39 and I have complaints. Deal with it.

In the end, the Bulls picked up #60 in the win column, which is better than parking cars! Joakim Noah definitely looks like he still needs time to recover. The Bulls need to realize the war is not over. Here is the beautiful Rambo final speech of the first flick. They coded all clips, so I cannot repost. Do yourself a favor, click on the link, pour a gin and soda, and watch the video over, over, over, and over again.

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