Game #79: Chicago Bulls 93 – Cleveland Cavaliers 82

Drink: Jameson, rocks

The Chicago Bulls officially wrapped up the Eastern Conference with a win tonight tonight in Cleveland, against the D-League Cavaliers. It is rather queer that the NBA scheduled a pre-season game in April, but here we are, April 8th and playing in an exhibition game.

Joakim Noah did not even bother opening his eyes for this one.

It was a typical pre-season game, with the Bulls playing half-assed and letting the reserves get extended minutes. The Bulls maintained a lead throughout the game, varying from a blowout to a slim margin – when they stopped giving a shit. What is even more bizarre is that this friendly game of pick-up basketball clinched home court advantage through the Eastern Conference Playoffs. Who knew?

As displayed over the last week, this team very much plays to the level of its competition. After some very lackluster wins against lesser opponents, the Bulls smoke showed the Celts last night. And how did they follow it up? By playing a disinterested game against one of the worst teams in the D-League. Yet, it was good enough to get the number one seed in the East. Yippie!

The next contest for the Bulls is against the Orlando Magic on Sunday. It will be a very special review for NB, as the game will be reviewed from a titty bar in Las Vegas. Rest assured, Bulls fans, I will ask any and all strippers what exactly their take is on the 2011 playoffs. Where else can you get this kind of hard hitting Bulls coverage?!

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Just another hard working member of the press, covering the Chicago Bulls and nonsense - often both, simultaneously.
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